The proposed building of Kwai Chung will be completed in 100 years

The proposed building of Kwai Chung will be completed in 100 years.

The HKCSS announced yesterday that it will promote the third “Combined Social Housing Scheme" project. It plans to construct a combined housing estate at a temporary site in Yee Shing Street, Kwai Chung. It will provide 100 flats for about 120 people. It is expected to be in mid 2021. Completed.

The mixed-use estate is located at 5-7, Ye Shing Street, Kwai Chung. It covers an area of ​​about 1,505 square metres and is an industrial site. It is now vacant.

The HKCSS is applying to the Lands Department for a five-year short-term tenancy agreement. The first year is the construction period. The second year begins to arrange tenant occupancy. The first-round tenant has a lease term of 2 years. It is expected that there will be a new batch of tenants in the fourth year of the project. Check in.

Social Union Shenjian 4th Floor Provides 1 and 2 person units

The HKCSS plans to construct a four-storey high-rise flat in the site to provide about 100 flats. The flats are divided into “one-person flats" and “two-person tenants" flats. One unit is reserved underground for accessibility. The unit accommodates a total of about 120 people. The per capita living area of ​​the unit design will be no less than 7 square meters, which is in line with the basic requirements of public housing. Each unit is also equipped with a separate washroom and bathroom, an electric water heater, and a cooking space using an electric stove.

Like the first two projects, the HKCSS will openly recruit social service agencies or social enterprises to submit operational proposals and identify suitable operating agencies.

Applicants should have clear transitional housing needs, wait for 3 years or more of public housing, or live in a harsh environment and have emergency housing needs. The specific method of selecting tenants will be set by the operating agency; rent will refer to “Social Housing Sharing". The plan, the maximum amount of the CSSA rent allowance and the tenant income level are determined.

The HKCSS has submitted a plan to the Kwai Tsing District Council Housing Committee and will listen to the Committee’s views at the beginning of June. The Social Welfare Association also pointed out that the first “Combined Social Housing Scheme" Nanchang Street project has been officially launched and is expected to be completed in April next year. The second planned Qinzhou Street project has been supported by the Sham Shui Po District Council. The team is working on the design of the prefabricated building and evaluating the project to find funds and prepare the tender.