Lu Jintou, Jintian, the new plate, the next quarter, the city of Wei Ying, the single-engineering

Lu Jintou, Jintian, the new plate, the next quarter, the city of Wei Ying, the single-engineering

Lu Jinji Construction (01098) used to develop real estate and expressway business in the Mainland. In August 2016, it first entered the Hong Kong property market. It won three consecutive years in less than one year, with a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan. The three projects started to be in the market this year. The Yuen Long Kam Tin New Pan is the Group’s first gun project. It will be deployed in the third quarter and will provide 331 teams. The main area is 700 to 800 square meters. The target is for the change of customers and Chinese and Hong Kong businessmen. The first phase of the property development project of Wong Chuk Hang Station in Aberdeen (the first phase of Wong Chuk Hang Station) and the Tui Tsui Tsui Road project will be launched in the next year and 2021 respectively. .

Hong Kong 3 residential project involving 1631 units

In an exclusive interview with the newspaper, Mr. Siu Wai-kwai, the co-chairman of the Road, said that the project was being applied for sales of paper at the No. 3 site of Kam Po Po Wan Road, Yuen Long, which was commissioned in August 2016. It is expected to be released in the third quarter. As for the first phase of the development of Ping An Real Estate, which is owned by Ping An (02318), it provides about 800 gangs. It is also the highlight of the group. It is expected to be launched in the first half of next year. It is cooperating with Shenzhen Holdings (00604). The Tuen Mun Guan Cui Road project will debut in 2021. The total investment of the three projects will exceed 10 billion yuan.

Use greenery to make more green

Lu Jin has entered the local real estate market. However, the public is not familiar with the company. Mr Siu Wai-kwai said: “The Group is working on the development of the Yuen Long project. The benefits are more flexible. Although the location is slightly remote, it will use the materials. It is expected that the price will be able to take advantage of the surrounding housing estates. The Group expects that the property can be developed into a comfortable home and a green environment. If the guest “returns to the house and is comfortable and wants to go out", he will feel value for money.

The Gaopu Trail No. 3 project provides 331 teams, including 29 bungalows. Although the project site has a crossover, it is not central, even if it is difficult to develop, because Lujin itself has rich experience in engineering and construction, there is no concern about the obstacles to the bridge. Mr. Shan Wei said that the impact of the flyover on the layout of the project is not too great. The Group deliberately built a detached house with a garden and a practical area of ​​10,000 square feet at the location of the flyover. It is expected that the buyer will live as a villa; as for the remaining commercial area of ​​the bungalow About a thousand square meters, the hierarchical households are mainly 700 to 800 square meters.

Mr Siu Wai-kwan pointed out that “the project is close to the Mainland and is fast to and from Shenzhen. The target customers are Chinese and Hong Kong businessmen and landlords. Another advantage of the property is that there are enough parking spaces with a ratio of 1 to 1."

Wong Chuk Hang Station Phase I “World Plate"

The high number of mortgages has become a lot of new sales in recent years. When the sale of Gao Po Trail No. 3 was carried out, Siu Wai Chun also considered offering high-value mortgages. He said that the project is aimed at convertors and Chinese and Hong Kong businessmen. I believe that the target buyers will not have too much demand for high-margin mortgages, which is expected to account for only 20% to 30% of the overall project. I believe that there is no need to prepare too much money for this.

As for the first phase of Wong Chuk Hang Station, Siu Wai-kwai described it as “World Plate". The saleable area of ​​the unit was set up from more than 400 square meters to more than 1,000 square feet of special households. It is suitable for boarding passengers, changing flats and even investors. It is expected that the application for sales paper will be launched in the first half of next year.

The Tuen Mun project is undergoing foundation works. Construction will continue at the end of the year. Although there is still a huge supply in the district, he believes that when the project opens in 2021, the supply in the district should have been consumed at 7788, which will definitely help the Group’s pricing.

For the future property market, Shan Weizhen believes that the most important factor affecting the property market is interest rates. Currently, the United States has stopped raising interest rates and even has the opportunity to cut interest rates. It is believed that a low interest rate environment can offset the impact of the trade war. He does not expect that the current property price will fall, and it is not surprising that the future will increase by 5% to 10%.