The impact of the trade war is now 10% of the housing estates fell 40% in May, 134 cases were temporarily recorded

The impact of the trade war is now 10% of the housing estates fell 40% in May, 134 cases were temporarily recorded.

The impact of the Sino-US trade war on the property market took the lead in the second-hand trading. The 10 major housing estates recorded 134 transactions in May, which was the lowest transaction month of this year, which was 40% less than the monthly rate. However, the price of the six housing estates continued to rise. The first city of Shatin rose 7%.

The newspaper reported the price performance of the top 10 housing estates. In May (as of the 29th), 134 transactions were recorded, a decrease of 40% compared with 224 cases in April, which was the lowest since 106 records in December last year. Apart from the fact that the turnover of Amoy Gardens in Ngau Tau Kok Estate has remained unchanged for the month, the remaining 9 estates have fallen. The turnover of the six estates is the lowest this year, including Sha Tin Town One and Cheung Sha Wan Estate, two estates. The vote is 60% less on a monthly basis. The most traded estates were recorded for Tai Ching Estate, Quarry Bay.

One city price report 18623 rose 7%

In terms of property price movements, the average price of the six housing estates rose month by month, reflecting the fact that the price increase and decrease have become more and more serious. Among them, the first price of Shatin in May was reported at 18,623 yuan, up 7.3% month-on-month, which was the largest among the 10 largest housing estates. Analysis of the first-city transaction unit in Shatian in May, except for one 3-bedroom household with a price of RMB 16,700, the other 11 transactions were all two-bedroom units with higher prices, and half of the price was over RMB 19,000. Stimulating the overall price of housing estates rose sharply on a monthly basis.

It is worth mentioning that the two-bedroom entrance price of the housing estate with good quality is 5.8 million yuan, which is about to break through 80% of the mortgage, and the property price is 6 million yuan. Assuming that the disk source of less than 6 million yuan has been digested, the first city of Shatian will return.

Jiahu 2 room release price of 150,000 yuan

In addition, second-hand trading has turned weak, and some urgently shipped owners have adjusted their bids. Among them, 26 transactions were recorded in May, and the transaction volume was temporarily created at the Jiahu Villa in Tianshuiwei, which is the least in this year. One is located in the E-room of the 6th floor of Lihuju. The two rooms have an area of ​​446 square feet. At the beginning of this month, the price was 5.65 million yuan. 150,000 yuan, the latest price is 5.5 million yuan. Compared with the same type of 2 bedroom unit property price, the most expensive at the beginning of May is 5.75 million yuan, slightly flat about 4%.

Other estates continued to record high-priced transactions, including Room B, Low Floor, Block 1, Sha Tin New Town Plaza, with a saleable area of ​​954 square feet. It is a 3 bedroom with studio interval. It has just changed hands with a price of $18.8 million. The price is 19,706 yuan. New record.

As regards the performance of second-hand trading in June, it is still subject to two major factors, including the acceptance of applications by new HOS flats, the freezing of purchasing power, and the slowdown in the pace of developers’ pushes. It is difficult to drive the market into the market. It is expected that the performance of second-hand trading in June will still be less than 200 cases, another property price is at a high level.