One city, three-bedroom, king, 10.48 million, 3 months, down 20%, the index housing price continues to find the bottom of the second line

The cost of units in several large housing estates fell below the key level. The latest 3 bedroom building in the first city of Shatian, Sha Tin, was sold at a price of 10,488,000 yuan, a price drop of 20% from the high level in August. The industry believes that the price of the index housing estates will continue to bottom out, which will affect the value of the second and third tier housing estates and will now fall in a chain.

Looking at the second-hand transaction records, in the 10 major housing estates, apart from the unrecorded transactions in the Ap Lei Chau South Point this month and the relatively stable performance of the Mei Fuk Estate, the transaction price of at least 8 estates in this month has been substantially adjusted. Returning to the level at the beginning of this year, individual property prices have also fallen below 6 million yuan, and the return can be built to cover a high number of mortgage mortgage prices. The situation has also spread from the boarding unit to the three-bedroom unit.

Reducing 1.32 million turnovers, selling 12796

The latest high-rise room A, 14th floor, Shatin First City, with a usable area of ​​819 square feet, is divided into 3 bedrooms and suites. The unit looks at the city gate, the living room is connected to the terrace, and belongs to the first floor of the royal family. It is reported that the price has been raised by 11.8 million yuan. Recently, it was reduced by 1.32 million yuan, and it was sold at a price of 12,48 million yuan. The price was 12,796 yuan and returned to the level of October 2017.

There are less than 10 buildings in the housing estates with large river views. The source of the market has always been rare. In this year, Zhongwang City has a price and market. Among them, 13 high-rise A rooms, regardless of area, landscape and direction, are the same as the latest transaction units. In August, they were listed at 13.28 million yuan, which is the current housing price record.

In contrast, the latest building price of the building, down 2.8 million yuan in three months, a 21% drop, even more than the housing estate 2 households. Such as the latest 51 middle-floor F room, the practical area of ​​284 square feet, the transaction price of 4.5 million yuan, the higher floor of the same floor was sold for 5.4 million yuan in June, a drop of 17%, it can be seen that the second floor of the king price adjustment, compared to 2 households More obvious. The agent pointed out that the current price of the 3 room building king is generally 10 million yuan. However, after the above-mentioned river view floor king price is released, it is not excluded that the same house type will be more flat in the future.

Jiahu Duplex households fell below 10 million

Secondly, the double-family of Jiahu Villa in Tin Shui Wai fell below 10 million yuan. There are 8 penthouses in Lihuju, covering an area of ​​986 square feet. It belongs to the 4 bedroom and suites. The built-in stairs are directly connected to the rooftop. After the price reduction of 1.14 million yuan, the price is 9.6 million yuan, and the price is 10,000 yuan. The original owner purchased the unit for 3.25 million yuan in 2009, holding the goods for 9 years and reappearing twice. Looking up the record, the property price of the double-family house has always been stable at more than 10 million yuan, of which 1,462 square feet are double-family, and the higher the property price is 14 million yuan.

The industry believes that the price of the index housing estates has fallen below the critical level and has the greatest impact on the surrounding second-tier housing estates. For example, after the price of the first city of Shatian was low at 4.5 million yuan, the 1st household of Cuihua Garden in the same district immediately fell back to 3.3 million yuan to hit a new low this year. The price of the index housing estates continues to be bottomed out. I believe that the price of the second and third tier housing estates will be dragged down.