The Hung Hom Redevelopment Project has a floor area of ​​over 2.8 million

The commercial projects in the vicinity of Hung Hom Bay have been completed one after another. The Shazhong and Hummer lines will be opened to traffic. Many redevelopment projects will be deployed in the area, which will bring over 2.8 million square feet of floor space supply. Among them, the China Travel Service Association has completed nearly 700 million warehouses. Yuan fill the land price to rebuild the hotel.

The large-scale infrastructure Shatin and Hummer lines will have the opportunity to be opened to traffic next year to strengthen the external traffic connection between Hung Hom and the direct access to the domestic and overseas stations in the Hung Hom area. The demand for commercial and retail development will increase in the district, attracting owners and development of the area. The business plans to rebuild the property.

China Travel Logistics Logistics Center

In the mid-term planning of the China Travel Service Association warehouse rebuilding project for more than 10 years, CTS completed the land premium price of the China Travel Logistics Logistics Center (commonly known as Xieji 3 Warehouse) on Changdao No. 1 last month, involving about 699 million yuan to build a floor of 22.85. Calculated by 10,000 square feet, the floor price is about 3,061 yuan per square foot, and the plan will be rebuilt into a hotel. Up to 91,000 square feet of floor space can be used for logistic facilities, and approximately 24,000 square feet of retail or dining floor space can be provided.

On the other hand, CTS is also interested in rebuilding the 1st and 2 warehouses in the same district into commercial buildings. It is estimated that a maximum of 380,000 square feet of floor space can be built, which is beneficial to the synergy between the two.

In addition, the Government has approved two commercial and hotel sites in Hung Hom Bay in the past few years. The project has been completed and completed. Cheung Kong (01113) has a number of hotels and commercial projects in the vicinity. This year, it is also located at the Hong Lok Road 12 to the Buildings Department. The hotel’s Haiyunxuan, as well as the Bayu Xuan Hotel on the 8th Hung Hom Road, is being converted into a commercial building and is expected to be the largest reconstruction project in the district.

Haiyunxuan Hotel intends to rebuild the commercial building

Among them, Haiyunxuan, which is adjacent to Hung Hom Station, is currently a large hotel with about 1,980 hotel rooms. The developer intends to apply for redevelopment into two 29-storey commercial buildings and one two-storey and low-rise property. The total floor area is approximately 1.107 million square feet.

The Bay View offers 1,662 rooms, together with 4 family-style hotels in the Department of Haiyunxuan. At present, the Bay View is planned to be “commercial". After the redevelopment, the building can be built with an area of ​​about 1.077 million square feet. It is initially planned to be rebuilt into two double-story designs with a height of about 15 stories. The redevelopment plan is expected to help release the value of the property, but will result in a loss of more than 3,600 rooms in the district.

At the same time, Cheung Kong has also been built in the department’s waterfront plaza in recent years, including the addition of a five-storey office building and an 11-storey hotel floor in two commercial buildings, one and two, with an increase of approximately 270,000 square feet of floor space. The development of commercial projects in the area. In a number of infrastructure projects will be completed, the development of transportation facilities in Hung Hom District will be more perfect, and it is believed to be beneficial to further promote the commercial atmosphere in the region.