20 housing yards on the car 15 estimated less than 6 million

The fine unit price is now adjusted to increase the number of mortgage homes. The newspaper has estimated the number of 20 boarding houses. There are 15 estate units. The valuation has dropped below 6 million yuan, including 2 new homes in Ma On Shan Newport City, which is the first in January this year.

The newspaper uses the HSBC online system to estimate the value of 20 estates. The latest 15, that is, 70% of the estates are valued back to 6 million yuan or less, and can be mortgaged up to 80% or above. Level.

When comparing the high prices in August, only 9 housing units were valued at $6 million or less, and now they are increased by six, an increase of over 60%.

Xingang City 2 room valuation high drop 15%

In the latest valuation, the most flat price is 1 room in Taiping Cuiping Garden, covering an area of ​​262 square feet, with an estimated value of 4.4 million yuan. If the mortgage ceiling is 3.6 million yuan, the initial expenditure is 800,000 yuan. In August, the unit was estimated at a high of 4.84 million yuan, with a maximum of 80% of mortgages. At that time, the first phase of the market was to be 968,000 yuan, which is the current property price level. The initial expenditure can be reduced by 168,000 yuan.

It is possible to build a high number of mortgage units, mainly due to the fall in property prices in the past three months, with a certain range of over 10%.

The first drop was in the 2nd tenant of Xingang City, Ma’anshan, with a saleable area of ​​363 square feet. The latest report was 5.92 million yuan. The fall below 6 million yuan was the first time since January. The valuation fell from the high of 6.97 million yuan in August to the latest 5.92 million yuan, a decrease of 15.1%.

The owner reduced the price of Jiahu this month recorded 36 transactions

The owner will reduce the price and stimulate the passengers to enter the market. Taking the Jiahu Villa in Tin Shui Wai as an example, the 2 and 3 bedroom households in this month, due to the fact that most of the property prices were less than $6 million, they returned to the high-margin mortgage range, stimulating the housing estates to record 36 transactions in November, which exceeded the total of October. 21 cases per month.

As for the index on the first car in Sha Tin, the first housing market in November, most of the 2 flats in November were below $5 million, which dragged down the estate’s valuation to a high of 10%.

In fact, low-priced transactions have emerged, or the banks are more conservative in their valuation of housing estates. Although the property price will fall, the boarding passengers can seize the opportunity to enter the market. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the bank can estimate the full price of the unit to avoid losing the budget on the financial arrangement.