Jingjing map exposure The finest unit 128

The “Dragon Bed", which is closely watched by the market, is the most detailed unit of 128 square feet. The unit plan is officially exposed. The living room area is only about 90 square feet. The activity space is quite limited.

Developed in cooperation with Jiayuan International (02768) and Shengyu Group, Jingjing International is located at No. 2 Qingmian Trail, Tuen Mun. It has 19 floors and offers 356 gangs with an area ranging from 128 to 387 square feet. The interval is from open to 2 bedrooms. The key date is expected to be September 30 next year.

The living room is only about 90 inches

The project submitted the sales brochure yesterday. According to the book, there are 29 people on the first floor of the standard floor, sharing 3 lifts. The most noteworthy is the 128-square-foot open-plan unit in Hong Kong, which is 31 rooms. According to the book, the unit is open to the open dining room, and there is an open kitchen. The whole space is only about 90 square feet. The space for activities is limited. Buyers should increase the space with modular furniture.

Qi Honghui, general manager of Jiayuan Hong Kong Project, said in an interview that the project announced the first price today, and the price has a chance to win a new low in Tuen Mun District in recent years. It will win with lump sum (total amount), most of which will be less than 400. Ten thousand yuan, but the admission price will not be less than 2 million yuan, so that the boarding passengers can undertake the construction of the property, and is expected to start selling in early December.