Mong Kok Luxury Theatre Shen Rebuild Ginza Commercial Building

The traditional old-style cinema Mong Kok Theatre, which was commissioned for about 27 years, was applied for redevelopment as a Ginza-style commercial development. The proposed total development floor was about 108,000 square feet, of which over 70% were used as office buildings.

24 storeys high floor, 70% office building

The urban construction site has redevelopment value. Many owners are seeking to redevelop the old-style cinema to enhance the value of the land. The property of Mong Kok Road, 4 to 4A, which is owned by the “Cinema King" Chen Junyan family, is now an old-style cinema luxury cinema. The regulations apply to commercial applications such as shops, service industries and offices, and develop a Ginza-style commercial building with 24 floors (including 2 floors and 3 floors).

The site has a site area of ​​about 12,000 square feet. It is proposed to redevelop at a plot ratio of 9 times. The maximum redevelopment of the building is about 108,000 square feet. The basement will be used as a car park and the ground floor to the second floor and three-storey platform will develop shops and restaurants. Etc., involving about 30,000 square feet of floor space, while the remaining floors above about 77,500 square feet of floor space, is allocated for office.

In fact, the property was completed in 1991 and is mainly used for cinema purposes. It has only a small number of restaurants and retail outlets. If it is to be redeveloped into a commercial building, it is estimated that the luxury cinema with the old-style architectural style will be closed or another site will be operated.