North and South Kowloon, the atmosphere is light, and the building is down 40%.

In October, the atmosphere of second-hand trading was bleak. Take the South and North Kowloon luxury houses as an example.

As the market expects that property prices will be adjusted downwards, the amount of flats will not be spared, and the volume of flats will fall by 40% on a monthly basis. He Jiancheng, the chief co-director of the Hong Kong Real Estate Prince Edward Road Branch, said that in October, the number of new and old customers in the South and North Kowloon luxury homes was mixed, and the old customers expected the market to have a quality new release, or a quality one. Units, owners may provide a larger bargaining space, so boldly repay 10% to the owners, but it is counterproductive; on the contrary, Xinyilou needs to warm up to understand the market trend and find suitable units.

Owners wait and see, the price reduction is extremely low

At this stage, the owners are eager to wait and see, and the intention to substantially reduce the price is extremely low. Most of them are still hard to reduce. The bargaining price of individual owners is only slightly higher than the 2% in September, which is slightly extended to the current 4 to 5% bargaining. The quality of the units held is relatively low, or the unit is already in good condition. In general, the decline of the building with a price of more than 40 million yuan is more significant, reaching 40%. At present, among the squatters, the concentration is below 25 million yuan, reaching 70%, mainly for household goods.

In October, there were only 43 cases of first-hand and second-hand transactions in the district, which was lower than the 56 cases in September. As for the second-hand transactions, only 21 cases were recorded. The middle half of the mountain was recorded in three consecutive transactions, which was not bad in the market. Among them, the 21st floor of the Mid-Levels Trail has a high-rise area of ​​1,579 square feet. It looks like the inner garden floor. When the head of the household was in June, the parking space was sold for 40 million yuan. At that time, the asking price was too high. It is now sold for 36 million yuan, and the price is 22,799. Yuan, the owner belonged to October 2009, and bought the unit for 2,251.6 million yuan. After that, he additionally invested in the parking space. The purchase price of the parking space was 1.5 million yuan, and the book profit was as high as about 19.84 million yuan.

Mid-level trail 21, high-rise, 36 million baht

The other is the middle floor of No. 26 Mid-Levels Trail, with a saleable area of ​​1,662 square feet. It is a 4 bedroom double suite. Due to the one-story gang, plus the southeast, the hall looks at the Kai Tak cruise terminal view. It is a rare quality listing. At the beginning of the month, it was a market price, and the head of the household sold for 36.8 million yuan. The result was not sold, but sold for 36 million yuan, and the price was 21,661 yuan. At present, the same type of separation unit, the low-floor price will also start from 40 million yuan.

In addition, market buyers tend to be low-water backwards. They are located in the middle floor B2 of Block B of Yingyuetai. The utility area is 1,212 square feet, and the three-bedroom house is equipped with armor. Because the head of the household needs to change the building, it is only in September. 20 million yuan for sale, and finally accepted a bargaining price of 500,000 yuan, a flat in the same district, 3 rooms for the landlord, successfully bought with a parking space of 19.5 million yuan, the price of 16,089 yuan.