Actively promote the conversion of agricultural land to Hong Kong’s medium-term target Xindi sold 40 billion new homes each year

Sun Hung Kai Properties (016) announced yesterday as of the end of December last year, the interim net profit of 33.031 billion yuan, up 59.9% year on year. Mainly due to the increase of sales revenue in Hong Kong. Kwok Ping-lian, chairman and managing director of New Land, said that the medium-term target for property sales in Hong Kong is 40 billion yuan per annum and is actively promoting the conversion of farmlands.

Guo Binglian pointed out that the Group still faces uncertainties in the future, such as the normalization of US interest rates. However, benefiting from exports and the government’s favorable policies for development, the mainland economy will continue to grow with confidence in the property market in the Mainland and Hong Kong.

I am interested in the development of Tai Wan District

Kwok Ki-fai, Suntime’s executive director, said the group is interested in the development of the Tai Wan District in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and Hong Kong, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Maucao to achieve “fourth-order", that is, “stream of people, logistics, capital flow and information flow" achieve interoperability and reduce barriers. In the meantime, the conflicts between Hong Kong, Macau, Tai Wan and the favorable big cities have been reduced and their development staggered. They are waiting for concrete measures from the authorities.

Thunder, the new deputy managing director, further pointed out that the bank’s interest rate is low, coupled with the property just needs to be, that the US rate hike is not large, the property prices expected a moderate increase throughout the year, about 5% margin. Asked whether it would refer to other developers to push home plans, the Thunder said it will continue to study and assist students to get started with the first home plan. However, there have been offers on the first and second floors and they think the first home plan will only be short-term financing.

Kuo Brothers split event earlier re-storm, the city pass brother Guo Bingxiang does not rule out the unfair distribution of family property as a reason to make a suit in Hong Kong court. The chairman and managing director Kwok Ping-lien responded that he hopes the deal can be resolved in peace and that the family has reached a consensus in January 2014 that the family-managed assets will continue to be distributed in accordance with the wishes of “Mommy."

Commission Hongling as an independent non-executive director

According to Xindi Bulletin, as of the end of December, basic earnings excluding property investment revaluation was RMB19,973 million, up 36% from the previous year. The fair value of the properties during the period was RMB9,716 million, a substantial increase of 91.3% over the previous year. Interim dividend of 1.2 yuan per share, an increase of 9%.

In addition, Xintiandi announced that Fan Hongling was appointed as an independent non-executive director with effect from March 1. Fan Hongling, aged 69, has served in various companies, including director and managing director of CITIC Pacific (now known as CITIC Limited, 267) from 2009 to 1992 and 2009 to 2009 and Cathay Pacific Airways (293) Vice-Chairman.