Property prices rise has not stopped, in February 10 large estates per square foot prices rose across the board, 6 estates per square foot of new high prices, Tin Shui Wai Kingswood Villa foot price of 10,000 yuan, the car passengers chase into the market, expected this year, low prices At $ 10,000 housing estates and flats, it will be near extinction.

As of February 27, a total of 129 transactions were recorded. This was 102 cases in August last year, a six-month low of 266 transactions in January, down by about 52% from the previous month. Among them, Cheung Sha Wan Banyan Taiwan even recorded in February did not record, reflecting the Lunar New Year holiday dragged down the overall second-hand sales slowdown.

The average price in Tai Koo Shing 20,000 liters 9.7%

Although the trading volume is small, we still support the overall property prices upward. Excluding the zero transaction at Banyan Tower, the other nine estates were on an upward trend. The average price per square foot of Tai Koo Shing, Quarry Bay was $ 20,300, up 9.7% over the previous month. During the period, a number of high-quality large-unit flats were sold at a higher price, including the middle A room of Zi Hua Court. The salable area was 1,114 square feet, with a construction cost of $ 25.8 million and a price of $ 23,160 per sq ft. The Acting Director pointed out that at present there are 280 plates in the market in Taikoo Shing, up from about 330 in November last year, representing a decrease of about 15%. This supports the continued rise in property prices in March.

In addition, six estates averaged a new record high in February. As a result, the boarding market dominated the secondary market and the market price hit a record high. Among the estates with a record high price, four boarding houses were occupied, including Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai (10,083) (3.1%), Tseung Kwan O Metro (15,420 yuan, up 2.5%), Ngau Tau Kok Amoy Gardens ($ 16,484, up 6%) and City of Sha Tin ($ 16,184, up 2.2%). Among them, the average price of Kingswood Villa in February surpassed 10,000 yuan for the first time, which meant that parity was rare on the car. Reflect the trend of second-hand housing prices Zhongyuan City Index 128 components of estates, only 3 estates to adjust the current price of foot (reflecting the housing estates as a whole foot price trend) is less than 1 million level.

Fare million yuan plate fell below 2 thousand

The newspaper also statistics Centaline Property Online Placement, the number of trades under 10,000 yuan per square foot the latest 1,785, compared with 2,187 in January, 18% less monthly, and fell below 2,000 levels. As the figures include uncompetitive land properties, it is estimated that there will be even fewer ordinary buyers entering the market. The market generally believes that property prices will rise another 10% this year, when the foot price of 10,000 yuan following housing and housing estates, will be near extinction.

In fact, due to the declining supply of second-hand sources, purchasing power has flowed into inferior sources such as two-room units with very low floors in the first city of Shatin, which are sold at a price higher than that of individual banks. The flat is located at 21 blocks, with a usable area of ​​327 square feet and a transaction price of $ 4,838,000. The average practical foot price is $ 14,795. A bank online valuation system for the unit valuation of only 4.51 million yuan, the transaction price of about 7%.

Estimated cumulative purchasing power will be released in March due to less second-hand trading in February. With the new market should be synchronized with the market, favorable market sentiment, the property market will enter the first and second hand with the situation of Wang, and prices rise together.