Used top broken peak 4 room 1230 million

Following the launch of a large new market at Sunrise Cannes in Tseung Kwan O, the second-hand property prices in the district stimulated a series of broken roofs. Following the devastation of the capital, the 4-storey unit of Lifeng sold at a price of $ 12.3 million and hit a new high for the period.

Central Plains Real Estate Deputy Division Manager Wu Kam-kai pointed out that the Loft 6 high-rise LD room, practical area of ​​977 square feet, the unit Wang Shan King, 4 rooms interval, sold for 12.3 million yuan, a record high peak property prices. The original owner in 2009 to 654.9 million purchase units, book profit 5751000 yuan, an increase of 88%.

In fact, a few days ago, some units in the capital adjacent to the project were selling at a new high of $ 10.8 million. As a result, the sales of large-scale new market stimulated a buying and selling atmosphere and stimulated the sale of used second-hand flats in the area. Secondly, on the same day, another major big deal was recorded in the lead. APL Property Manager Lam Chi-kin pointed out that the L6’s LD warehouse was sold at 11.73 million yuan, an increase of 77.2% over the previous year’s asking price of 6.623 million yuan.

Second, H Block H, 3 blocks from the south bank of the waterfront, with an area of ​​590 sq. Ft. And 3 rooms separated by a consideration of $ 10.55 million, hit a record high. The original owner in 2009 to 5210000 yuan purchase, appreciate 1 times.

Sham Tseng Prime View Garden foot price see 13000

The Shui On Garden, which has long been regarded as a second- and third-tier housing estate, saw a sell-off of RMB13,000 per square foot at a two-room rate, marking a new high for standard households. Features apartmentEstate Tuen Mun Sham Tseng Hong Kong Garden For lease Sham Tseng garden view from the sea view, With views from the sea view, With views, With decoration, Deal price 4.8 million, Foot price 13,408 yuan. The original owner entered the market in January 2015 with 3.64 million yuan, holding goods just 3 years, book profit 1.16 million yuan, an appreciation of 32%.

HOS flats at the top of the block, Century 21 Kiwi Assistant Regional Sales Director Chow Sze Ping said that at Block D, Yu Tin Court, Sha Tin, with a usable floor area of ​​429 square feet and a transaction price of $ 5.83 million (with land price) and a usable foot price of $ 13,590. A record high property prices.

As for the luxury market, Kowloon Station Celestial Star Diamond Xi high-rise G Room, the practical area of ​​677 square feet, belonging to the two-bedroom interval, just to 2,600 yuan handy, foot price 38,405 yuan, the cost is the most expensive two-bedroom market units in the two rooms .