New Territories price per square foot Hypermarket Island strange phenomena?

The phenomenon of property market weird phenomenon, “the finer the property prices, the more expensive foot price", at present, except for the unit price of $ 10,000 will be extinct, but also derived from the New Territories on the car price per foot, more expensive than Hong Kong housing estates.

Newport City, the price of your apricot nearly 1%

In fact, the main reason for the above strange phenomenon is that the unit price of $ 6 million or below can be used to build a high mortgage. Buyers should focus on non-footfall property prices. As a result, the fare tops include the Riverside Garden Fine Unit, which covers an area of ​​only 242 square feet and fares of 19,000 yuan. However, the unit price of only 4.6 million yuan, still can make 8 percent mortgage.

The pursuit of small flats in property prices also stimulates the price of flat roofs in the New Territories that are more expensive than the price per square foot on Hong Kong Island estates. Comparing two estates with the same MTR prices in Ma On Shan Newport City and Chai Wan Heng Fa Chuen and Sunshine City, the two-bedroom high-rise landscaped garden is $ 17,755, a rise of nearly 10% compared with $ 16,232 per room at Heng Fa Chuen . Second, Shatin Riverside Garden Fine Unit price per square foot to see 19,000 yuan, compared with two-bedroom City House foot price 18,000 yuan even higher.

The price per square foot of Xingang is higher than that of Heng Fa Chuen. The advantage lies in the fact that the property price is less than 6 million yuan and the mortgage of 80% can still be used for the first phase of about 1.2 million yuan. As Heng Fa Chuen two-bedroom property price 8.1 million yuan, up to 6% mortgage, the first phase will be 3.24 million yuan.

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