Top 12.3 million peak collar Broke up the new market opened selling effect of second-hand price increases in the region

New market continued into second-hand market catalyst, Wheelock Fung Properties Tseung Kwan O new flat Sunrise Cannes MALIBU Phase 5 will be on sale to stimulate the area second-hand market, the past month alone, the same district recorded at least 16 high-priced transactions Five of them are even more broken cases. Among them, a high-rise apartment in Sunrise Peak was recently redeveloped for $ 12.3 million to build a new high-rise housing estate. Acting frankly, MALIBU will be on sale soon. As many as 65 increase cases have been recorded in Tseung Kwan O in the past month, with the most increase being nearly “four balls" (about 29.1%).

Four-room mountain view households made 12,600 feet

According to the statistics of the newspaper, as of the 27th of this month, there were at least 16 different types of high-priced transactions recorded in the secondary market of Tseung Kwan O. In about half of the cases, the transaction price was over 10 million yuan. Many of these transactions were for record-breaking housing or fare records. The latest case of broken roof involves six very high-rise LD rooms at Leading Peak, with a usable area of ​​977 square feet and a 4-room Interconnecting room with multiple rooms, enjoying the mountain view to the east. Midland Realty Sales Manager Lam Chi Kin said that with the district to worry about the relocation of MALIBU sale, the district second-hand owners to further increase fares, it did not hesitate to use 12.3 million yuan purchase on the site, the transaction price more than in October last year by the same seat top LA room 12.28 million yuan to create the cost record, has become the most expensive floor Leader King, foot price of about 12,600 yuan.

The original owner put the price of 12.5 million yuan at the beginning of this month. In less than one month, the unit was sold at 12.3 million yuan. According to the purchase price of 6.499 million yuan in December 2009, the book value of this book value appreciation was 5.751 million yuan (87.8%).

Apart from the peak, the data show that the same capital at Lotte Canopy also broke the roof. A medium and high-rise flats recently changed hands with a turnover of 10.8 million yuan to a record high for the capital. The original owner took goods for nearly 10 years and booked a profit of about 366.2 Million.

Heaven three rooms called expensive “four ball"

Lam Chih-Yen bluntly said that second-hand property prices in Tseung Kwan O continued to catch up. MALIBU’s offer is estimated to further “push up" second-hand property prices in the area. In the month, many buyers recorded stealing into the market. Some property developers, who were optimistic about the market, also chose to increase their fares. In the past two days alone, about 10 cases of closure were recorded in the Tseung Kwan O area, Kai 9 middle RC room, salable area of ​​1002 square feet 4 bedrooms, the original price of 12 million yuan yesterday sealed dish does not sell.

In addition, there is also a fare increase in the same district. Liu Haoqin, a director of the Hong Kong home improvement division, pointed out that in the past month, Tseung Kwan O recorded a total of 65 cases of fare increase ranging from 0.25% to 29.1%. The most favorable one was 1A Block B, the middle floor, the practical area of ​​944 square feet, 3 rooms interval, the original price of 13.4 million yuan this month has raised the asking price to 17.3 million yuan, an increase of nearly 4 million (29.1%). Liu Haoqin expected, if MALIBU to take more preferential price for sale, then will attract a large number of outsiders, will help boost the secondary market atmosphere in the area to stimulate the top turnover.

Vang Vieng Silver City, a number of individual silver offer more aggressive, Shatin New Town Plaza Cottonwood Pavilion low-rise A room, practical area of ​​640 square feet, 3 bedrooms, recently reduced to a silver master, the silver price 10800000 yuan for sale, 16,900 yuan. The original owner bought in October 2007 for 3.78 million yuan, 3 times during the holding period of the loan record, the purchase price of 702 million higher than the purchase price (about 1.9 times). The estate has 3 lower floors and a lower floor, with the same floor as the aforesaid owner, with a salable area of ​​645 square feet and a sale of $ 9.85 million and a price of about $ 15.3 thousand at the end of last month. In comparison, About 2.5% more expensive than similar units.