Central Center buyer consortium exit

Cheung Kong (01113) sold a 75% stake in 99 Central Plaza, Queen’s Road Central, Central, to the Hong Kong-China Joint Venture Group in November last year for a day’s consideration of HK $ 40.2 billion. Major shareholder of the Consortium consortium, China National Energy Corporation, Suddenly “abstained" after about 4 months. There is news that the State Reserve has been withdrawn from the market and received the goods from Jinli Feng (01031) Chief Executive Zhu Liyuehua and Shimao Property (00813) Chairman Xu Rongmao. However, Zhu Liyue Hua said that only investing a small part of the rights and interests, with the State Reserve and other groups consortium leader Lu Wen-side also said that the State Reserve only holdings of shares, there are still involved in investment.

Zhu Li Yuehua Xu Rong Mao take over

75% equity of Central Central Center changed hands with 40.2 billion yuan to break the record high historical unit prices of office properties in Hong Kong. The purchaser is “China Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Overseas Chinese Peace Development Asia Properties Limited" registered with British Virgin Island. The major shareholder is the State Reserve, 55% of the shares. As for Lupinend, a number of well-known local investors such as “King of Tapes" and Chen Chih-Chieh, including CAI Zhi-Zhong, together accounted for the remaining 45%.

According to sources quoted by Reuters and the South China Morning Post, the central bank has withdrawn from the transaction for the acquisition of the Central Center and several investors, including Zhu Liyue and Xu Rongmao, took over the acquisition of their equity interests. If last year’s property transaction price of 40.2 billion yuan, 55% stake in the State Reserve, the market value of about 22.1 billion yuan.

In an inquiry with this newspaper, Zhu Liyuehua said that he was mainly optimistic about the market of commercial properties in Hong Kong and therefore co-invested with other buyers. However, she emphasized that it only invested in a small portion of the shares. The Shimao real estate spokesman said that no response to the report, but that has nothing to do with the listed company.

Lu Wen-side: State Reserve cut easier to pass

Lu Wen-ding, chairman of China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Pacific and Pacific Development Asia Property Co., Ltd. and deputy director of the CPPCC Foreign Affairs Committee, was the lead facilitator of the Central Central Transaction. In his inquiry of this newspaper, he disclosed that the State Reserve did not withdraw from the sale and purchase of the Central Center.哋 Department of the central enterprises, if more than 51% ownership of overseas property to buy, SASAC approval will be a hassle-free time, so a long time, so sell fewer shares out to reduce the holding of shares for the transaction.

Lu Wen-tian said bluntly, the resale of shares, the State Reserve more flexible use of funds, “only local investors account for a significant proportion, more than 60% of the shares held by local investors." He added that he is confident that the transaction of the Central Center will be completed in May this year as scheduled.

Since the Central Central transaction was implemented, the market came out from time to time property demolition will be layered, and even price list. A source said: “There is more than one consortium with a valuation of more than $ 40.2 billion. It is also a good deal to buy the consignment. The highest asking price goes to $ 50 billion and the valuation is up 24% in a short period of time. "

Zhu Yue-hua has “shell" as the richest woman in Hong Kong. According to the Forbes’ 2018 rankings, only Hong Kong’s top ten tycoons are female, with a net worth of 12 billion U.S. dollars (about 93.6 billion U.S. dollars), ranking the 7th. In October 2016, Zhu Li Yuet spent $ 6,528 million on the acquisition of the Grade A office building project at Swire Properties (01972) at the junction of Wang Chiu Road and Kelley Road in Kowloon Bay, now known as the Kingston Financial Center and will enter into employment this year.

As for another buyer, Xu Rongmao, once again the richest man in real estate in China, has occasionally entered the real estate market in Hong Kong in his own name. As early as more than 10 years ago, he had invested in a multi-level commercial building such as the Hong Kong Expo Plaza office building in Hong Kong. In 2014, Engaged Emperor International (00163) and other local government tenders purchased Shouson Hill South residential area, is now developed into a luxury project.