Haishu made 65,800 Guandong Island Stratified

Large yards of new market are highly sought after. Newland (00016) North Point luxury homes Xinpan Haiyu yesterday announced the release of three groups. The most expensive group has a high price of RMB 65,800, which is a multi-monthly high-rise household on the Hong Kong Island created more than two months ago. The price record further increased by about 1.5%, and was once again awarded as the king of Hong Kong Island.

The three groups of Haishu’s just-invited tenders were located in 1 and 2 respectively, of which two were in Room A on the 15th floor, with a saleable area of ​​1,599 sq ft, and four rooms with double-spaced units, sold for approximately RMB 105.3 million, and the discounted price was approximately RMB 65,800. , The selling price and the price of the Tongchuang project reached a new high; the price also rose through the high price of RMB 64,900 per Island East, which was recorded in the first floor of Building A in the first floor of the project in early January, and pushed the record again. About 959 yuan or 1.5%.

According to the “First-hand Transaction Records", the transaction price was reduced to approximately RMB 95.269 million after deducting the various rebates offered by the developer, and the price was reduced to approximately RMB 59,600.

Love Hyunmei pushes 16 four-room homes on Friday

The transaction data shows that the room on the 11th floor, which is located in the lower two floors of the building, has the same area. The transaction price was about 95.13 million yuan on January 5 this year, which means that similar units sold for less than 3 months at nearly 10.16 million yuan (about 10.7%). ). Located at 133 Java Road, North Point, there are a total of 355 gangs with a usable area of ​​286 to 2373 sq ft. It is expected to be occupied on November 30, 2018.

In addition, Cheung Kong (01113)’s Tsui Wan Sea Love. Love-hyun (hereinafter referred to as Hyun-mei) has entered into the final phase of the sale. The developer has launched 16 four-bedroom units and is available on a first-come, first-served basis from Friday (30th).

Director of real estate investment Guo Ziwei [map] said that this time for the buyers to launch the “Lian Shang 4 room 4 incentives" draw, where the purchase of the project from April 30 to May 27 designated four-bedroom household can participate In the lucky draw, participants have the opportunity to win a 100 million yuan PARKnSHOP gift certificate.

On the other hand, Wheelock Property’s MALIBU, Phase 5A of Lohas Park, Tseung Kwan O Estate, also pushed ahead with the sale of 111 gangs on Friday. On the same day, there are another nine groups that bid for a single day.

Nanjin. Meet the shore for 22 people

As for today’s first-round sale of 70 gangs of Henderson Land (00012), Aberdeen’s Tin Wan Tower South Building. On the shore, yesterday after intercepting the subscription registration, the city passed a total of 1,572 votes, which was more than 21 times, and more than 22 people competed for 1 team. The 70 houses have a total area of ​​189 to 265 square feet, and the average discount price is 22,443 yuan. 12 Tin Wan Street, Aberdeen, Nanjin, Aberdeen. There are altogether 142 teams on the shore, with a usable area of ​​164 to 493 square feet. The expected occupancy date is October 2019.