Chevalier International’s 400 million purchase of Hengle Court House

The developer actively grabs land reserves. Chevalier International (00025) has just purchased over more than RMB 400 million from the Hang Seng Business School to the Hengle Court House Project in Sha Tin. If the building can be reconstructed with the highest buildable floor, the price of each floor will be approx. 1.4 million.

The Hengle Garden House project was purchased by Shishi International for more than RMB 400 million.

Chevalier International announced that it will purchase the Hengleyuan House Project, No. 5 Hengle Lane, Shatin for $402.88 million and will consider reconstructing the project at an appropriate time. The project has 20 bungalows. Currently, there are 15 leases with a total monthly rent of 490,500 yuan. The lease expires from 2018 to 2020.

The above property was launched in February this year. According to information available at that time, the site area of ​​the property was approximately 47,932 sq.ft.. According to the “S/T/33 Sha Tin Outline Zoning Plan”, the site was zoned “Residential (Group B)”. The maximum coverage of land is 30%, and the maximum floor area is approximately 28,759 feet.

Vineyard master silver plate 1.2 million 沽

New Territories bungalows have been well received this month. Central Plains Wu Guorong stated that the number of houses on the Bain Avenue in the Yuen Long Vineyard sold by the owner was 1,555 sq ft, which was sold at $20.8 million, and the practical price was 13,376 yuan. It is understood that the original site was purchased by the original owner for RMB 22 million in 2016 and became the silver master only about two years ago. The current price is about RMB 1.2 million lower than that at that time.

Li Jiage Liu Xiyan said that the double-numbered house on the Margaux Avenue in the vineyard, with a saleable area of ​​2,016 sq ft, was received by the buyer for about 26 million yuan, and the practical price was about 12,897 yuan; the double-no. The $13.4 million change hands and the price of the two houses is the ideal level. The two housing estates, together with Sheung Shui Tianzhu and Gefuling, recorded about 9 transactions in March and were actively traded.

Sai Kung District also recorded a number of properties for sale. Century 21 Chi Fung Liao Zhenxiong stated that the double-family house at Da Hang Kou Tsuen in Clear Water Bay had a building area of ​​2,100 sq. ft. and enjoyed sea views. It was changed hands for 25 million yuan and the building price was 11,905 yuan. The five-year appreciation is about 3.3 times.