Silver main board 20.80 million vines two years in the vineyard etch 2.34 million

Silver masters successively took over, Yuen Long Vineyard Silver House, recorded buyers to take delivery. Centaline Property Wu Guorong said that the number of single-family houses on the Bain Avenue was 2,446 sq. ft., with a total area of 1,555 sq. ft. and a silver-dominated house, which was recently sold for $20.8 million. The practical price was 13,376 yuan.

It is understood that the owner bought the site for RMB 22 million in 2016 and held the goods for about two years. The book has been eroded by approximately RMB 1.2 million, and the amount of RMB 2,340,000 has been eroded along with the printing fee and commission.

In addition, the low-rise D room at Tai Hang Estate has a saleable area of 588 sq. ft., which was just sold for 17.38 million yuan, and the price was RMB 29,558. The original owner bought it for RMB 17.32 million in October 2012. .

Another source said that the house next to Jingxian Li, Stubbs Road, owned by Chairman Zhongsong Land (1224) Zhang Songqiao, has a saleable area of 5,139 sq.ft. and another garden of 3,370 sq.ft.. It sells for about RMB 620 million through the “sell shell” method. Out, the estimated price of 120,000 yuan.