Chevalier 400 million purchases of 20 village houses

The major consortium competed for land reserves, and small and medium-sized developers also actively promoted “Flour”. Chevalier International (025) announced that it had disregarded HK$402.8 million and purchased Shatin Hengleliheng from Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Business School. Le Village 20 village houses, floor price of 14,000 yuan.

There has been a large number of consortia recently to purchase the entire residential project for development or rent collection. The Shishi International announced that the Hengleli Village in Sha Tin, which was purchased for RMB 402.8 million, will occupy an area of ​​approximately 47,932 sq ft with a maximum floor area of ​​approximately 28,759 sq ft. The project currently has 15 bungalows for rent. The lease period will expire from this year to 2020, and the current monthly rent will be 490,500 yuan.

Silver Lake Tianfeng Parking 3 Million Units

At the end of last year, the mosquito-type residential area of ​​Xinle Street in Sheung Shui received a consortium of 19 consortiums, and mainly small and medium-sized developers. Among them, Chevalier International has also entered the standard, which shows that the Group is eager to increase land. At the beginning of the new cooperation with the Baosheng Group, the development of the new plate, Jinhui, is believed to increase its confidence in the development of its land.

A person called “Planking King" Deng Chengbo or the relevant person, for $43.8 million, bought the entire building at No. 136 Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan, including ground floor shops and three residential units. The purchase was not ruled out. In addition, a single parking space at Yinhu Tianfeng in Ma’anshan was sold for RMB 3 million. The original owner purchased it at approximately RMB 1.56 million at the end of 2014. It has been holding for more than three years and has earned RMB 1.44 million in book value, representing an appreciation of approximately 92%.