Haishu Lian Ying 3 teams sell at a high price of 66,000 yuan

Xindi (016)’s North Point Haishu produced 3 gangs. The first-hand auction records showed that there were two rooms on the 15th floor, Room A, with a usable area of ​​1,599 square feet. The transaction price reached 1.0529 billion yuan, and the high price was 65,846 yuan. Break the record of a transaction of RMB 64,887 per unit in Room A of Building 11 on the 11th floor of the same estate, creating a new residential high in the East Island of Hong Kong Island. After deducting various rebates, the discounted selling price was RMB 95.274 million and the asking price was RMB 59,583.

The other two cases were a room on the 8th floor, Room B, a practical 1,173 square meters, with a transaction price of 638.88 million yuan, and a price of 54,465 yuan; and two rooms on the 8th floor, Room B, with a practical 1,467 square feet, with a transaction price of 80 million yuan, and a price of 54,533 yuan. . After deducting the rebates, the discounted prices were RMB 57.796 million and RMB 72.282 million, respectively, and the discounted prices were 49,272 and 49,340 respectively. It is reported that three units were purchased by three different local first home buyers.

Nanjin. More than 21 times overbank purchase

Henderson (012) Aberdeen Housing Room Nanjin. On the bank yesterday, the market intercepted 1,572 votes, and the first batch of 70 guys exceeded 21 times. The price of the project was last week, and the average discounted price was 21,429 yuan. Afterwards, 20 groups were pushed. The price was 23,500 to 26,000 yuan, which was 4% more than the first batch. The project sells 70 people this time. With a large time zone, 2 to 3 groups can be selected first.

Chang Shih (1113) Shau Kei Love Hyun Meijia push 16 groups of four-room households to open for sale on Friday (30th) Easter holiday. The price ranged from RMB 30.88 million to RMB 35.205 million. The price was from RMB 26,582 to RMB 30,297 and the market value was RMB 523 million. The discounted selling price was RMB 23,166,000 to RMB 26,404,000, which represented a discount of RMB 19,936 to RMB 22,723, which was approximately 3% to 5% higher than the previous batch. In addition, buyers of four-bedroom households will receive supermarket gift certificates worth a total of RMB 1.3 million.