Kai Tak No. 1 Rent 28 yuan flat over HOS

The former chief executive, Leung Chun-ying, formerly the “Hong Kong People and Hong Kong Land" of the “top priority" in the election campaign platform, eventually became a luxury homestead, Kai Tak 1, which took nearly six months to enter the market. With the continuous increase in rents, rents fell for the first time. Break 30 yuan, flat near second-hand home ownership.

Rental property requires consent

Meilian Ye Zhenlong said that Kai Tak No. 1 even recorded three two-room rental transactions with a monthly rent of RMB 16,000, which was a high of RMB 22,000 from the time of the beginning of occupation, which was a significant 27% drop. Among them, three high-rise E-rooms, 563 square meters, were rented for only RMB 16,000, which was RMB 28.4, which was 23% lower than the 37-year lease of the home-fronted Regency Garden in Kowloon Bay. In the same period, it was generally more than 40 yuan for new hires. In January last year, the owner purchased units for $10.877 million. After deducting the management fee of about $2,200 per month, the rental rate of return was as low as 1.5%.

The rental of Kai Tak 1 is under pressure. Apart from the immature development of the transportation and other supporting facilities in the area, there are also many restrictions on the property itself, including the need to apply for consent from the Lands Department when renting a property. The approval of the consent form takes time. Some owners waited for two to three months to obtain consent. As mentioned above, the rented flats were put on the market on January 18 of this year and the hired rent of 23,000 yuan was the market price. As the first two-room transactions were recorded at the time, five middle-room H-rooms were rented at 22,000 yuan and the rent was 42 yuan. At that time, the rent for one room amounted to RMB 16,500 and the rent was RMB 44. After rents softened, rents for the two houses fell to 18,000 yuan in February.

One-bedroom rent fell below 13,000 yuan, and three low-rise H-rooms were used. They were 375 square feet, and they were hired at a rent of 14,000 yuan. They just rented for 12,800,000 yuan to create a new low for housing estates. The three houses are even more rent-receiving. One high-level room A is a practical 818 sq ft. The rent is 28,000 yuan, which is reduced to 22,000 yuan. The rent is less than 27 yuan, but the rent is “not included".

Ye Zhenlong continued that Kai Tak 1 had recorded more than 30 transactions this month. The tenants were mainly single and aristocrats. They were mainly greedy, but the quality of the guests was high, including teachers, engineers and professors. The estate now has more than 200 rents, one room for rent is 13,500 yuan, and two rooms for rent is 16,500 yuan.