Lai Chi Kok Ying Hui Shopping Mall Sale

The recent big sales continue to flourish, and there are owners selling them. Lai Chi Kok Ying Hui Hui shopping malls with parking spaces, the total floor area of ​​about 91,779 square feet, market value of 1 billion.

Pangli Assets sells Lai Chi Kok Ying Hui Hui Shopping Centre with parking spaces, and Executive Director of Capital Markets and Investment Services of Colliers International (Hong Kong) stated that the above sale is at Yinghui Station, 8 King Pik Path, Lai Chi Kok. The shopping malls have parking spaces. The three floors of the property from the ground floor to the second floor are shopping malls. The total floor area is approximately 91,779 square feet. There are currently about 65 tenants, mainly people’s livelihood shops, including supermarkets, department stores, retail, education, beauty, estate agencies and Catering, etc., provide living needs for about 20,000 households in the area. The property has exterior wall advertising space, 43 private parking spaces and 10 truck loading and unloading positions. The closing date is 12 noon on March 29th.

Even the parking lot has a market value of 1 billion

Zhou Zhenbang, a senior director of the investment department at Savills, said that the underground part of the property shopping mall is connected to the bus terminal and is located in the traffic and life hub in the district. It is adjacent to Meifu Xincun and about 8 minutes walking distance to the Meifu subway station. At present, the occupancy rate of shopping malls exceeds 95% and the monthly rent is about 2.8 million yuan. There is still room for rent increase and the market value is about 1 billion yuan. Based on this calculation, the return is about 3.4%.

According to the statistics, Ying Hui Taiwan was completed in 2002 and was built by Cheung Kong Industrial and Far East Development at the site of the Yuen Garden Playground. The property was originally owned by Fortune Industrial. By 2015, Peng Li Assets purchased the site at a cost of approximately RMB 648 million. Afterwards, renovation works were carried out and the quality of the property was upgraded.

The material returns 3.4%

Recently, regardless of the core area or the people’s livelihood area, shopping malls and parking lots have been repeatedly favored by the market. The Yuyuan parking lot, originally owned by a senior investor, Cai Zhizhong, on the 6th, Yuen Long Park Road, Western Hills, had changed hands with approximately RMB 299.3 million, with an average parking space of approximately 2.6 million yuan. In the middle of 2017, the original owner purchased the parking lot through the company’s name. In total, the company had invested about 168.8 million yuan in assets, held goods for 8 months, booked profits of 60.5 million yuan, and the property appreciation was about 36%.

On the other hand, a number of shops on the ground floor of the Galleria Plaza, 9 Queen’s Road Central, Central, were originally owned by the international brand Hermès. On the 15th of last month, they changed hands at about 670 million yuan and the average price was nearly 85,000 yuan. The original owners purchased the shops in stages from 2002. The total investment was about 190 million yuan. They held goods for 16 years, and the book profited 480 million yuan, and the property appreciation was about 2.5 times.

In addition, the commercial section of the Sunbeam Centre and 1st to 4th floors, 120 Lung Cheung Road, Wong Tai Sin, originally owned by the Shin Kong Restaurant Group, was sold to the Fulin Group or related parties in January this year at a price of 906 million yuan. The original owner bought the site in 1986, with a price of 38.72 million yuan, holding more than 31 years of goods, book profits of 8.6728 trillion yuan, the property appreciation of more than 22 times.