Penny shares of fire chain ship 13 diarrhea over 5 into the cross-share was handed over by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange denied the forced zombie stock

Penny stocks burst out yesterday, as many as 13 shares fell more than 5 percent. More than just pouring the price of shares hold each other, part of the brokerage at the same time holding more positions, coupled with unfavorable rumors flying, the final fire ship.

There are brokers to describe, this "crash" implicated in the degree of rare in recent years, the regulatory body has begun to investigate. The SFC mentioned yesterday that the shares have a low volume, less public holdings, a high concentration of equity and a relationship with several companies and brokers. The relevant features can lead to abnormal fluctuations in the stock price and market misconduct. However, it will mean that at this stage it has not been possible to confirm whether or not an investigation has been conducted on the companies and persons concerned.

In the face of yesterday's suspicion, the mainland media has quoted the news that the HKEx (00388) has proposed to force less than 1 yuan and the inactive "zombie stock" delisting. After the news came, more than just thin stock fell more aggravated, more shares appeared "no price off" the phenomenon of dry up. However, the HKEx has immediately clarified that the rumors are totally unsubstantiated. At the same time, the Institute also indicated that it would closely monitor the market activities and take appropriate risk management measures and regulatory actions when necessary, including investigating the alleged violations with the regulatory authorities.

Securities and Futures Commission: the company brokerage interchange shares price fluctuations

Yesterday, the price of stocks fell from the GEM shares Hanhua professional (08193) set off a prelude. The stock began to fall on the market, fell about 10:43 began to expand, once plummeted 96%. Since then, more than just fine-selling stocks have been big sellers, a short period of time fell, which last month was independent stock analyst David Webb named "50 can not have Hong Kong stocks" has become the hardest hit, the final total of 47 records Fell, of which 12 fell more than 5 percent. In addition to Hanhua, China Integration (01027), Lian Wang (08217), the United States and Czech Republic (01389) and Huilong (08021) were down more than 8 percent.

More than a thin stock in the disk plummeted, the market yesterday also heard a different trigger the rumors of the stock, which mainly include (a) active in the stock of the dealer because of turnover is not working, the margin account was cut Trigger the effect of burning ship. In fact, Webb also mentioned earlier that the relationship between the shares of more than one crash is complicated and mutual holding each other, describing the shares as a "mystery-like relationship network", and many shares and (01225) related to the suspension of the Securities and Futures Commission's supervision; and (b) the Beglon Securities, which is traded by the city, will be pinned to sell more of its more positions.

However, the SFC website shows that the license held by Beglon Securities is still valid. Newspaper yesterday to call into the financial inquiry, the relevant staff said that the person will be responsible for the response to the Pelang Ge, but did not reply before the deadline.

Integrated Agglomeration 94% QPL is more expensive

Looking at the holdings of the central clearing house system, many of the plummeted shares yesterday, both in the Berlung, Ding Cheng and A Shitelong capital has a larger position. There are familiar with the operation of the brokerage firms speculation speculation that yesterday's shares, although held by different people, but does not rule out the control by a small number of people behind, so the shares will be concentrated in individual brokers to facilitate Jiancang and management. Shide Financial Chief Executive Officer Chen Bo Nan pointed out that the broker in the GEM stocks and some of the motherboard price of the past has been tight. But he believes that after the breakdown of this thin stock, the brokerage firm to further tighten the loan to reduce the risk of injury.

QPL (00243), which was listed as a "mysterious network" by Webb, announced yesterday that it was integrated in the market, with a total of about $ 10.5 million in transactions and expected to see a loss of $ 7,480 during the year. Million yuan.