Sheng Zhiwen: retail travel by event again

Hong Kong is known as the Pearl of the Orient, very attractive to passengers, inbound tourists since 2003 open free exercise after years of climbing, but the retail tourism experience gold ten years later, the mainland to change the travel habits, consumption prices fell, Hong Kong shopping paradise reputation no longer.

The business community that can not rely solely on the food side of the signs, to do more cultural events and characteristics of tourism to attract new customers, and to promote the lagging e-commerce catch up.

Consumption change pursuit of shopping outside the experience

Hong Kong has lost the exchange rate advantage, and the per capita consumption of tourists has fallen from about $ 9,000 in 2013 to $ 6,000 last year, but it has stabilized and will improve next year, the Chairman of the Retail Management Association, Mr Cheng Wai-hsiung, said the retail and Mainland consumer spending has changed He thinks that the total number of visitors arriving in Hong Kong is still high, and that the total consumption of tourists accounts for nearly 30% of the total retail sales in Hong Kong. There is still an impact on the market. Therefore, the Hong Kong businessmen can do more activities such as hiking and other cities. The

Mr Lan Kwok-fai, Chairman of the Kwun Kwai Fong, thinks that the security of Hong Kong is good and that traffic is convenient and that visitors are still attractive. Mainland passenger travel mode change, the pursuit of shopping outside the experience, but Hong Kong is too traditional, failed to catch up with demand. He has organized more cultural and event activities to create a travel package and absorb a group of high-spending travelers.

He will guide the development of the Korean cultural industries such as Korean dramas and music, which will help drive the tourism industry. Hong Kong will also need to develop a cultural industry. Therefore, after the completion of the West Kowloon Cultural District, there will be more world-class performances. He also suggested that the Government to increase funding, held two events every month, such as Art Basel, wine and food, etc., only a day or two, but then the participants can go shopping and eating.

According to the HKTB, the HKTB said that in recent years, the number of free banks was more than 90%, and its consumption habits were also more focused on experience. Therefore, the activities such as authentic culture, arts and entertainment, sports and so on. , Shaping the image of Hong Kong’s “Asian event”.

To promote the integration of science and technology retail electronic payment

In addition to doing events, e-commerce should also accelerate the development. Zheng Weixiong that the consumption habits of the millennium to promote the demand for online shopping increased, but the development of Hong Kong electricity business is indeed relatively slow, blame the Hong Kong businessmen did not change the development and lack of supporting. In 2009, the implementation of a lot of mainland passenger and local retail sales to the peak, he thought that Hong Kong businessmen at that time are overwhelmed, no time to think about the development of network marketing, digital platform. In recent years, the market slowed down, the industry is breathing space, and then think about the transition. But he recognized the lack of supporting the development of electricity providers, electronic payment atmosphere is not enough, the logistics cost is expensive, the lack of relevant personnel are development resistance.

“We have been using Octopus for innovation eight years ago, and we are still using Octopus today, and we are paying for the development of electronic products in other countries.” The impact of online shopping will be the most unaffected catering business , From the past 3 into the current 6%, although the advantages of food are still, but the food industry competition is not easy to do. He stressed that Hong Kong is still a good feng shui, the role of the Asian market window is still important, Hong Kong businessmen should use technology integration retail.