New disk supply continued to more than 18,000 in the second half of the group

In the first half of the year, the market was hot, with a number of properties sold, and nearly half of the sales were sold. In the second half of the year, the supply was not reduced. As many as 18 000 flats were available. The New Territories accounted for 10,500 flats and focused on Tsuen Wan and Tseung Kwan O.

Tsuen Wan West Tseung Kwan O District into focus

Despite the fact that the Government moved again in the first half of the year, including tightening of a number of gangs and the tightening of the mortgage, the HKMA has tightened the mortgage again. In the first half of the year, nearly 10,000 transactions were recorded in the first half of the year, with a total turnover of 16,500 About 6 percent. According to statistics, the second half is expected to have nearly 60 new projects launched the market, a total of about 1.81 million.

Market supply is still concentrated in the New Territories, a total of about 10,500 units, accounting for about 58% of the overall market. Tsuen Wan West continues to be the focus of the second half of the year, the two projects are planning to attack, real estate (01113) sea of ​​love. Love dazzling beauty has been arrows, will be published in the days of the first price; City, also plans to sell in the third quarter. In the rest of the New Territories, there are also large-scale projects with over 1,000 organizations, including the new site (00016) Sunrise Cannes Phase 4A project, involving 1,040 flats.

Industry expected about 20,000 transactions throughout the year

Kowloon area, the new floor Xi Xi (No. 3) will be the highlight of the urban plate, located in the West Rail Nanchang station cover, plus the project No. 2A in the first half of the hot, I believe will be concerned about the market; letter set (00083) The redevelopment projects in the second and third districts of the Kwun Tong Town Center are very large and involve 2,000 people. However, the project has not yet been sold in advance.

As for Hong Kong Island, a lot of attention to the luxury of the new disk brewing attack, at any time to open the sky, including the new land before the Victoria Harbor View North Point Hai Xuan, a total of 355 groups.

In addition, the Wharf (00004) and Nam Fung’s Peak Mount Nicholson frequently hit the price, the first and second phase of the project by the Hong Kong Regal sought after, the last issue of the third period, only 24 groups, the developer’s push plate confidence will increase again , At any time to rewrite the Asian layered residential foot price record.

The industry believes that the hot strokes and tightening mortgage and other measures, the impact on the primary market is limited, developers can provide more flexible payment methods and mortgage concessions to help buyers reduce spicy, I believe that such payment arrangements will still be willing to use, help Project to the goods. It is expected that the purchasing power of the market will continue to flow into the primary market, and it is expected to record about 20,000 transactions in the final year. However, if the US rate hike and start its plan to reduce the balance sheet will affect the asset prices in Hong Kong To be observed, sales of first-hand real estate is no test.