According to interest rate of 3 months raised 1% interest more than 400,000

The increase in the amount of loans in the Mainland has increased by about 1% in just three months, and the total interest on home has increased by nearly RMB 400,000 (RMB). The total interest on mortgage 3 times.

More than 3 times the mortgage interest on the same property price

Hangzhou, one of the core second-tier cities in Hangzhou mortgage interest rates have gradually increased, the newspaper to the local Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China and GF and other banks inquiries, only the Bank said that the benchmark interest rate can provide about 5% discount. Developers project sales staff said that only one to two cooperative banks through bundled sales of financial products, etc., to achieve concessions, the rest are the benchmark interest rate of 4.9%, or no longer approved loans. Greentown (03900) project sales staff, said the co-operation of Minsheng Bank, the first interest rate even up 10% to 5.39%.

15 km from the West Lake, under the Yuhang District, the future of science and technology city plate average price of 29,000 yuan (RMB, the same) with the new disk, for example, mortgage 7 into the first 89 square meters of units, the current home to pay the total interest, at least 2 months ago than the purchase of more than 200,000 yuan.

“The interest rate changes quickly, and the success of the sign is probably not the interest rate." The mortgage rate is determined by the interest rate on the day of the date, and the bank has the right to ask for 10% of the interest rate, which means that the total interest will be higher Discount high nearly 40 million.

In contrast, Hong Kong property prices are the world’s total, but the low interest rate, the total interest paid by mortgage is much lower than the mainland. The total interest to be paid for the 30-year period is approximately HK $ 50.5 million, which is only 33% of the interest paid under the benchmark interest rate of the Mainland, at a discount of HK $ 2.788 million for the lowest price of the new AVA 61 in Sham Shui Po.