4 big developers to push 5 days to work

Business “plus leave” into the wind! Sun Hung Kai Properties will start a five-day work on May 1. Real Estate will follow this month. Henderson Land will also be working for 5 days from 1 July, plus the implementation of the new world in the early years. Big real estate business officially entered the 5-day work system era.

HSBC will also take “leave” to 18 days for new recruits on the following month. The Labor Force said that the labor force in Hong Kong will “peak” next year. Although the holidays are not the primary consideration when employees are seeking jobs, welfare can increase the attractiveness of enterprises and help retain talent.

In recent years, the community has blown up work-life balance, and big enterprises have pushed up holidays. Director of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, said that the company began preparations for the next five days, including the adjustment of the punch and the annual leave application system, and on the 1st of the month since the start of the company, while the flexible working hours, Adjusted to 8:30 am to 9:30 am, optional start time. The new measures apply to any seniority, departmental colleagues, involving 1,500 employees.

New land: to improve morale to speed up the completion of work

He believes that reducing the half-day work will enable colleagues to allocate their time to take care of their families and learn to reach the balance of work and work. They think that the new measures will help raise morale. “Everybody sees a holiday on Saturdays and works quickly on Fridays.” The

Deputy Director of Project Management, Mr. Zhang said that since five days of work, let him more time to practice training marathon; and the implementation of flexible work, there are colleagues to work early to avoid the busy time. Miss Jiang, secretary of the company department, pointed out that school churches or extracurricular activities were held on Saturday morning and had to be left in the past.

Chang Shi also confirmed that on the 1st of this month to 5 days of work, the daily working hours extended 15 minutes. Henderson also said that the next five days will be the implementation of the five-day work system, in addition to individual departments, including the weekend or to work in the business department, according to the actual work needs special arrangements, headquarters office staff are enjoying this benefit. Together with the new world development that has been implemented for the five-day work period, the four real estate developers will be in line with the five-day work system.

On the banking front, there are news that HSBC will “leave” for new recruits next month, with annual leave increasing from 15 days to 18 days. HSBC spokesman confirmed the news, from July 1 onwards, GCB7 and GCB8 two grades of full-time and fixed contract employees, will enjoy 18 days of annual leave.

Hong Kong Shell yesterday announced an increase in paid maternity leave, extending from 10 weeks to 16 weeks. Liu Fengyi, general manager of the company’s human resources, said the female colleagues to take care of family planning and career development.

Real estate business leaders hope that more employers to join

Huang Jinpei, former president of the Institute of Human Resource Management, said that the developers are willing to lead the trend is a good thing, I believe that the favorable recruitment and retention of talent, and that many companies to promote early Friday half an hour to two hours from get off work, will set up birthday leave and anniversary leave More employers will join the “leave”.

An Jun, Managing Director of Human Resources Consultants, said that the labor force in Hong Kong will reach its peak next year and increase the unemployment rate. It is believed that the five-and-a-half-day, six-day employment system is becoming more and more difficult. Business implementation of the five-day work system will bring pressure on other enterprises.