Welcome sea traffic 286 million to sell 9 months rose 1.2 times

New Territories East parking spaces surged, is expected to exceed the level of 3 million yuan, Ma On Shan Yinghai 5 Yufeng parking spaces sold at 2.86 million yuan, 9 months to grab 1.2 times higher, the transaction price of a new high parking spaces; Villa parking spaces on one day and two broken top.

High prices, parking prices also follow the rise, Ma On Shan Yinghai 5 Yufeng last month recorded two breakthrough 2 million yuan turnover, which B layer of a single number of parking spaces last month to 286 million change hands, the cost of a house record new highs. According to the Land Registry records show that the original owner in August last year to 130.8 million yuan a joint purchase, the car in 9 months rose 1.525 million yuan, the appreciation of nearly 1.2 times.

Phase 1 parking volume rose 222 million last month, 27%

In addition, Yinghai 1 B layer of a double parking spaces in May also to 2.22 million yuan to sell, the original owners in January this year to 1.688 million yuan to buy the parking spaces, parking 4 months as much as 472,000, Appreciated by 27%.

The other side of the car, Yuen Long Tin Shui Wai Jiahu mountain parking spaces within a day double broken top. Which Lihuju double parking spaces to 102.8 million yuan changed hands, the cost of a new house high, compared with the record in the month of the old record of 1.02 million yuan, and then higher 8,000 yuan. The owners before the car in 1996 to only 42 million purchase, the current profit of 608,000 yuan transfer book, holding 21 times the appreciation of 1.4 times. Zhongyuan Tianshui Wai District business manager Wu Yaozu said that the current home parking spaces on average about 2,800 yuan, at the time of the transaction price, is expected to rent 3.3% in the future return.

The same day the house King Lake in a single parking spaces, by foreign investors to 1.05 million purchase, compared with the same day earlier record set again and again pushed up 22,000 yuan, again within a day, the original owners in 2011 to 37 million purchase, holding about 6 years, the appreciation of 1.8 times.

In addition, the market news that the Lantian Li Hong Kong City 2 an upper double parking spaces to 2.2 million yuan to sell, the transaction price also hit a new house high.

The industry believes that the Government has repeatedly on the residential property spicy, so that some investors to switch to the parking spaces, due to the amount of parking spaces and resale restrictions less, so that the recent housing quarters doubled as expensive, in order to short profit.