Huang Jianye: The rise of the Hong Kong building has not seen the end

In the second half of the year, property prices continued to innovate, and in the second half of the year, many uncertainties such as the global trade war and rising interest rates loomed over Hong Kong’s property market. Huang Jianye, chairman of Midland Group (01200), described the seriousness of the trade war when he was interviewed by this newspaper. Like the Third World War, but the rigid demand for the Hong Kong residential market was strong, many prospective buyers held the idea of ​​”grabbing the old and new buildings and not seeing the end of the rise.” In addition, the trend of “relying on the father” in recent years has increased. It is further evolved as “success depends on the mankind.” It believes that factors such as trade wars and rate hikes will only slow down the rise in property prices in Hong Kong. It is expected that the property prices in Hong Kong will increase by about 7% to 8% in the second half of this year. The feed rose 17% to 18%.

U.S. President Trump last week threatened to levy tariffs on Chinese goods worth more than 200 billion U.S. dollars. China and Hong Kong stocks plunged on Tuesday (19th). The Hang Seng Index once fell 977 points and fell 841 points to close at 29,468 points. Yesterday, the HSI fell below the 29,000 level and closed at 28961 points. For the U.S., which has continuously imposed tariffs on goods from different countries in recent months, triggering a new round of trade warfare, Huang Jianye described that “trade wars are like financial wars. Rates are more serious than World War III, and they are good for all parties. The stock market volatility caused by the short-term trade war has already been reflected.”

Trade rate hike can only ease the increase

However, the “US Union Property Price Index” compiled by Midland Properties based on the transactions of 100 major second-hand housing estates in Hong Kong has increased from 156.84 at the end of last year to 172.16 announced on Friday (22nd). In less than six months, it has risen by about 9.8%, approaching the 10% annual increase forecast by Huang Jianye at the beginning of this year. He analyzed that the property price rise in the first half of the year was mainly driven by the stock market’s upward trend. The property price could increase by about 10% in the first half of the year. “If the system is due to trade warfare, the increase will be even stronger.”

Mr Wong said that if the trade war continues to heat up, the Chinese and US economies will be “very big impact” and the economy will be dragged down in the long run. However, “the impact on the property market in Hong Kong is different.”

Huang Jianye pointed out that the strong rigid demand of the market for the residential market and the Chinese factor will support the continued rise in Hong Kong property prices in the second half of the year. The trade war will only slow down the rise in property prices in Hong Kong.

Buying a new building, grandson and granddaughter

Hong Kong people are becoming more and more affluent. Huang Jianye said that many children like to have their own small world. The rigid demand brought by the branch families is getting bigger and bigger. For example, a family of 5 people with a parent and 3 children needs to buy more. 3 units, “Two parents live in one unit, three children buy one unit”; in addition, Hong Kong is China’s cornucopia, bringing together talents and money from the Mainland. Many mainland professionals come to Hong Kong to drive residential properties in Hong Kong. Demand. In response to the huge demand, Huang Jianye described, “Indeed a few years, everyone feels that bricks can become rich. People do not have buildings and no buildings.

In recent years, new discs have been on sale. From time to time, some “good dads” bought homes for young children. Huang Jianye admits that this type of “success depends on his father” has evolved to “success depends on his father”. “I have a guest saying that I have bought a woman in a house and bought a five-year-old Sun Tsai from the House, and my family wants to buy a two-year-old granddaughter because I am afraid that too many people in the Mainland will buy a building in Hong Kong. “Buying and starting building.” Huang Jianye revealed that such customers have the same requirement. “We must buy a new building because when the granddaughter reaches her granddaughter’s age, the floor is as big as the drainage channel, and Zhong can live for several decades.” ”

Huang Jianye pointed out that even if there are about 20,000 new residential supply units each year in the next few years, it still has a low supply of about 27,000 units each year from 1999 to 2003. Coupled with the increase in rigid demand, it is believed that the increase in residential supply will have limited impact on property prices. As for the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike in recent years, he believes that “Hong Kong may have one or two additions. It has a psychological impact on the property market. However, the supply of flats will always be sufficient, which will only slow down the property market.”