New homes are expected to be issued before July 1st, at least 3 strokes, private buildings, public housing estates, subsidized housing pricing, levy tax

On the eve of the 1st of July, the Executive Council will open a special meeting on Thursday (28th) to address at least three strokes on housing issues, including the rezoning of a number of private residential lands for the construction of subsidized housing; the reduction of subsidized housing prices; Vacancy tax is imposed.

In the year of the Chief Executive, Mrs Lam, the property prices hit record highs. After she ended her visit to Europe today, she will fly directly to Beijing to meet with the Deputy Prime Minister Han Zheng, who is responsible for Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, and return to the early morning on Wednesday (27th). Hong Kong; The guild will convene a special meeting on Thursday to discuss a number of new housing initiatives, which will be introduced before the 21st anniversary of the return on July 1.

The report said that the Council will study how to increase the supply of subsidised housing by changing some of the land already planned for private buildings into subsidised housing, including HOS flats and Hong Kong people for the first time. More land is available and there is an opportunity to become an area for research and transformation.

According to the government’s “Long Term Housing Policy” report, the total supply target for the next 10 years is 460,000 and the public-private ratio is 6 to 4. Currently, only 277,000 comrades use land for public housing development, compared with the target’s 280,000 group, still owed 4.3%. Everyone is building a house.

Kai Tak Anderson Town Relocate

It is understood that the government intends to transfer part of the private properties to public housing development and further increase the proportion of public housing. It is expected that the site selection will focus on some unfinished plans or private homes next to the government and homes, including Kai Tak and Anderson. Road development areas, Tai Po and Lam Tin District have greater opportunities for land use.

Last year, the Government converted the four private homes in Kai Tak into public housing estates and converted one site of Anderson Road in Kwun Tong into the first flat. It is estimated that the larger opportunities will start from the two new development areas. The rezoned Tai Po near New Peak Garden Phase 1 greenbelt, adjacent to Luo Ding Bang Secondary School and Wan Tau Tong Village, is conditionally converted into public housing. In addition, the two existing sites in Lam Tin have not yet been decided for use. They are adjacent to Kwong Tin Tsuen and Lam Tin Tsuen respectively and are expected to be included in the development of public housing estates.

In addition, given that many people think that the price of HOS flats is too high, the guild will also delink the prices of research-subsidized homes from market prices, making it easier for the public.

As for the vacant tax on the first-hand building, it is understood that the bank will take specific details, including the use of rates to collect, calculation methods, and the enthusiasm of the move.

Members hold new directions Scholars worried private property prices rose

The Chairman of the Legislative Council’s Housing Committee and the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, Mai Majuan, agreed with the government’s practice and agreed to adjust the ratio of current public and private housing to “73”. She agrees that the current private land and URA land are suitable for rezoning. For the financing of housing.

The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of China (LDB) Liang Zhixiang also believes that land conversion is a quick and feasible method. However, careful consideration should be given to the location of the selected land. If the entire area is public housing, it will have a negative impact on the entire community structure. Liang Shih-hsiang thought that it was a good choice for the study of Kai Tak District as the target of the study because there were both public and private buildings in the area.

The Democratic Party Yin Zhaojian also agrees with the general direction of the reorganization. At present, the supply of private buildings has exceeded the long-term policy and it is considered feasible to gradually change the land use of private buildings into subsidized housing.

However, the use of private homes to renovate public housing will disguise the supply of private buildings. Pan Yongxiang, a senior lecturer at the School of Architecture Science and Technology Department of CityU, believes that reducing demand for private property will continue to push buyers into the market and have the opportunity to push up private property prices. At present, many of the sandwich class do not meet the threshold of the public housing estate, but they cannot afford private properties. It is proposed that resources should be allocated to HOS flats to balance the market purchasing power and allow the property market to develop in a healthy manner.