The Hutchison Tower Passes to Purchase Li Zeju: Never Sold

The high-rise commercial building in Central is of high value. The Hutchison Tower in Central, the core commercial building of Cheung Kong (01113), was reported to be rebuilt soon. However, the latest news reveals that the project is getting RMB 35 billion from the consortium to negotiate. The price is about 70,000 yuan.

News: The consortium bids up to 35 billion yuan

When responding to this newspaper’s enquiry, President Li Zeju (00001) of Changhe (00001) stated that “Hutchison Tower will never be sold."

Earlier, the market reported that the tenants of the Hutchison House in Central had received a notice and needed to move out in a short period of time. The market estimates that Cheung is deploying to rebuild the Hutchison Building. It is understood that currently the Hutchison Tower is still operating as usual, but the tenants of individual shops have moved out and no new tenants are on the top. Earlier this month, Cheung Kong stated that it has not yet made a final decision on the redevelopment of Hutchison House.

If it is a real price of 70,000 broken armored records

Because it is hard to find a full-scale commercial building in Central, it is located in a commercial building with a full sea view in prime locations. According to market sources, a consortium made a bid of 35 billion yuan to negotiate the purchase of the whole building of Hutchison Tower in Central, which will cost about 70,000 yuan, based on the property’s estimated floor area of ​​500,000 square feet.呎 Price – The Far Eastern Financial Center of Admiralty has a record of RMB 6.1 million each, which will create a new target for the price of a building.

According to statistics, the Hutchison House completed in 1974 is located at No. 10 Harcourt Road, Central. It has a 23-storey building and a total gross floor area of ​​approximately 500,000 square feet. The unit area ranges from approximately 500 square feet to approximately 15,600 square feet in total. Located on the ground floor to the second floor. Prior to the reorganization of Cheung Kong, the Group had intended to reconstruct the Hutchison Tower. In October 2008, the Group was approved by the Buildings Department to be reconstructed into a 47-storey commercial building with a total floor area of ​​approximately 490,000 square feet. Another plan was awarded in 2012 to build a 41-storey commercial building with a total floor area of ​​approximately 490,000 square feet.

Since Henderson Land (00012) invested $50,000 each for the parking lot project at Murray Road in Central, the investment atmosphere of A-Ha has been rapidly increased. After more than a year, the price of A-Ha Building in Hong Kong has repeatedly broken. One of the biggest selling points of the Hutchison Building is the building’s full sea view, which is also a very high value in the traditional core area of ​​Central.

In addition, the full-owned commercial building in Central was sold less than the market. It traded for the last large-scale commercial building. It changed hands for the Central Centre at a rate of RMB 40.2 billion, and it was only trading at 75% of the ownership. As the full-owned commercial buildings can be rebuilt, The new buyers also enjoy the naming rights and show the status of the group. Therefore, the owners are unwilling to cut their love if they do not negotiate with others.