10 large HOS valuations 6 breakthroughs

Even the valuation of HOS flats has skyrocketed. According to the statistics of 10 major HOS housing estates, the valuation of 6 estates exceeded 10 million yuan, including the value of HOS King Cheung Sha Wan Bay Park, which saw a high of $11.33 million. Compared with the current cost record, it is more than 10% higher.

Property prices have risen sharply, banks have been positively valued, and the valuation of HOS flats has been driven, which has exceeded 10 million yuan. The newspaper selected 10 HOS estates and referred to the valuation of three major banks. Among them, there were 6 estates with high-rise 3 flats with a maximum valuation of $10 million or more.

Kangshan 3 room valuation is high at 11.3 million

It has just given birth to the most expensive HOS flats in Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong. It covers an area of ​​761 square feet and is a three-bedroom suite. HSBC has a valuation of 11.33 million yuan, which is the highest among 10 housing estates. The price is 14,888 yuan. . The current housing estate record price is $9.8 million, which is also the most expensive HOS flat in Hong Kong. The property price is only 2% apart from RMB 10 million. With the bank’s valuation support, there is a huge opportunity for the Yue Nian Garden to become full. The first HOS estate in Hong Kong that exceeded $10 million.

As regards Hong Kong Island Home Ownership Centre Wangkangshan Garden, which covers an area of ​​592 square feet and 3 bedrooms, the valuation is high at 11.3 million yuan, which is more than 30% higher than the current housing estate price record of 8.59 million yuan, and the price is 19,000 yuan to challenge the whole territory of HOS. new highs. Agents in the district revealed that many owners put prices high on the market, and the market has now reached a plate of 10 million yuan. The unit is a high-rise B room with an area of ​​592 square feet. It is possible to make a reservation for a mirage and ask for a price of 10.8 million yuan.

Fu Rong Low Floor with a total of about 11 million for sale

In fact, the use of second-hand disc stocks is also favorable for HOS flat owners to bid at a premium. Take Fu Jung Garden in Tai Kok Tsui as an example, although no unit has a valuation of 10 million yuan. However, there is a low-rise family housing estate with a built-up area of ​​592 sq. ft., and the landlord has a tenancy agreement for a total of $11 million. It is reported that the unit had just rented out for RMB 23,500, which was calculated based on the purchase price of 2.96 million yuan in 2008, and the rental return was 9.5 percent.

Although it is a low-level concurrent tenancy agreement, the agent pointed out that since the unit is a three-bedroom home that can be freely traded on the market, it is the only one that can be bought and sold freely. Therefore, it is not impossible to describe it as a “wisher catches fish”.

The landlord called for advancement. On the other hand, the Lam Tin Shun On Court also recorded a $10 million release. The lower floor of Block C, Block C, has an area of ​​650 square feet and is priced at 10.50 million yuan, which is in line with the private garden of Scenery Garden in the area.