90 Repulse Bay Road Two-Bond Bidding Price Challenge 100,000

Vacant tax is expected to be released this week. Developers actively promote the sale of flats and 90 Repulse Bay Road on Repulse Bay Road will push two more tenders. The prices will have an opportunity to exceed RMB 100,000, and some units may stay. For long-term rental, rent or up to 130 yuan.

Cheung Kong (01113) 90 Repulse Bay Road, Repulse Bay Road, Southern District, sold two bungalows last week. It was learned that the buyers were local families. The price of the No. 8 estate was higher than that of 90,000 yuan. In view of the favorable response, the developer has allocated bids for No. 9 and No. 10 houses. The unit has a saleable area of ​​5,588 square feet and 5,630 square feet respectively. It is a five-room five-room interval, and each of the houses is accompanied by two parking spaces. This Friday ( On the 29th), the bidding was started and the tender was closed at the end of August.

Yuen Long Park Yi 3 House 27.5 million for sale

Chang Chia Assistant Chief Manager (Operations) He Jiaxin stated that the number of project units is not large, so the price has the opportunity to climb up and the price has the opportunity to break through 100,000 yuan to challenge the project’s new high.

And the same family in the Gulf of Love. Love Hyun Mei yesterday revised five price lists, the highest increase of 12%, and arranged for the sale of four of them on Friday.

The New World (00017) Yuen Long Parki sold the No. 3 house yesterday, with a saleable area of ​​1,987 square feet, a transaction price of 27.5 million yuan, and a price of 16,371 yuan, a new high in Tongchuang. At present, only one foreign house is not sold, and 122 people are sold, and 900 million yuan is cashed. In addition, Mong Kok has announced the latest sales deployment today, which is expected to be added to the unit for sale in the near future.