Whampoa Garden sells a new high of two rooms in 20051

Influenced by a number of new disc drives, recent transactions in the second-hand property market have slowed significantly, but prices have continued to rise. Hung Hom Whampoa Garden’s two-bedroom flats had just changed hands with 7.8 million yuan and the price was 20,051 yuan, setting a record high for the two-room flats in the housing estates.

Hung Hom Whampoa Garden recorded 18 transactions this month, including 2 high-rise 12-room G-rooms, with a total area of ​​389 sq. ft., belonging to the finest two-bedroom units. They had just changed hands with 7.8 million yuan and sold them at a price of 20,051 yuan, creating two housing estates. The unit has a record high price. The original owner purchased the unit for about 4.45 million yuan in 2014. The holder of the stock only made a profit of 3.35 million yuan from the book within 4 years, and appreciated 75% during the period.

Park Bay 5.8 million 1 room topping

In addition, Central Plains’s Deputy Regional Sales Manager Wen Mingfeng refers to 17 low-level I rooms in 17 Parka Bay, Mawan, with a practical area of ​​360 square feet, belonging to a one-bedroom interval. It has just changed hands with 5.82 million yuan, creating a new high for the 1 bedroom unit in the housing estate, with a price of 16,167 yuan. In the first instance, the unit price of the housing estate rose to 16,000 yuan for the first time, setting a new high. The original owner purchased the unit for 3.638 million yuan in 2014 and held goods for 4 years. The profit on the book was 2.182 million yuan, an increase of 60%.

In addition, Yuen Wan Wan Fung Building Middle Floor C, 254 square feet of practical area, belonging to the two-room interval, just changed hands with 4.2 million yuan, the price of 16,535 yuan, regardless of the price and the cost of the building’s record high record. The original owner had purchased the unit for about RMB 610,000 as early as 2005, and had held a profit of RMB 3.59 million for the 13-year holding period of the goods, which was 5.9 times higher during the period.

According to market news, 51 high-rise Grade A rooms in the first city of Sha Tin have a saleable area of ​​284 square feet, which was just sold for 5.88 million yuan, and the price was 20,704 yuan, a record high for the record price of housing estates.