Real estate agent release

The first pet-friendly real estate agent in Hong Kong, Maung Shing Estate, was the first to publish the first “Personal Pets Estates and Buildings Register 2018″ to facilitate the sale and rental of property by pet owners in Hong Kong.

Owners are more convenient to find properties

For more than 1 year, the Group has more than 1,030 private housing estates and buildings in Hong Kong. Of these, 435 housing estates and buildings which are confirmed to be pets, accounting for about 40%. With the growing popularity of pets, about 70% of the residential projects completed in the past 10 years can be kept, and some housing estates have pet club facilities.

Chen Zhanwen, director of business development at Maocheng City, said that Hong Kong does not have a centralized database of pet-providing buildings. Many pet owners have no basis in choosing a property. They even mistakenly believe that village houses, tenement buildings, etc., can keep pets. This is the launch of a publicly available pet roster, which is intended to make it easier for pet owners to find a property.

Chen continued to point out that there were many owners who had difficulties finding property, and even after signing the contract, they found that the property could not keep pets. However, even if the building allows pets to be kept, it is best for the pet owner to check with the management company for the actual implementation method, because if there are complaints from other units, the management company may also require the pet to move out of the unit.

Chen suggested that when a pet owner is looking for a rent, he can provide pet information, such as photographs, wafers, training and vaccination details, or offer a one-month deposit, which will help the owners. Rest assured that the unit will be rented out.