In the area of ​​a mall expected to raise the price of rice and then break the tide

In the past year, there was at least 8 indicators in Hong Kong Island, which hit a new high of $ 66 per sq m, and also stimulated the center price of the Central Center to break the mark at the rate of $ 50,000.

(00012) in May this year, to 23.28 billion yuan to vote in the Central Merlin Road commercial, the floor price of up to 50,000 yuan per square foot, to stimulate the central property prices rise More obvious. In the first nine months of this year, there were at least eight commercial buildings in the central area of ​​the region, including the Central Bank of Central and Central COSCO.

Central Central Scale Made 56,000 Lons 38%

Multi-seat indicators in the commercial center, the gold bell Li Po Center can be said that the price Qi Sheng, the project this year, foot prices just exceeded 30,000 yuan, the latest foot price record has climbed to 34,000 yuan level. While the recent average price of about 31,000 yuan, compared with the end of 23,000 yuan, up about 35%. And this year the building has recorded more than 20 transactions, compared with about 15 cases over the same period last year.

While the Hong Kong commercial tower price record, the first time last week exceeded 50,000 yuan mark. The unit is the top floor of the Central Center, the transaction price of 738 million yuan, with an area of ​​13,213 square feet, foot price of nearly 56,000 yuan. But the second foot price more than the old record of 40,600 yuan, a substantial increase by 38%, new buyers for the Chinese people. Many of the same district a building owners take the occasion to increase the price of the closure, such as Lippo Center 2 high-level households, the original to 31.00 yuan per foot put the disk, now raised to 35,000 yuan per foot, an increase of about 11%.

Local investors in China and foreign investors to bid for progress

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the high price to grab the Chinese consortium, this year, local investors to speed up the pace of the market, the bid is very aggressive, we can see the rise in property prices, not by a single fund to maintain, including the local veteran developers , The new high-foot price of 31,000 yuan, the purchase of Sheung Wan COSCO Building, full-floor units, an area of ​​20,500 square feet, involving 640 million yuan. In addition, the letter set (00083) Huang family within two months, excluding 183 million yuan to buy two units Lippo center, foot price of about 30,000 yuan level.

In fact, according to the data of the US Department of Trade and Industry, the first three months of Hong Kong, the three core areas of Hong Kong Island, increased by 26.7% (Central), 13.4% (Admiralty) and 12.3% ). Looking forward to the fourth quarter, A-building