Former US kitchen shop split five percent deep well Yu Yu roast goose rental

consumption market downturn, high-level food also sadly leave, rent Tsim Sha Tsui Ashley Road Kowloon Center underground C shop 35 years old restaurant Jimmy’sKitchen (US kitchen), was 3 this year 3 Month low-key industry, the shop by the deep well Yu Yu roast go with a monthly rent of 230,000 yuan leased, more than half of the old rent, the market is expected, the shop is the first branch of the town.

Jimmy’s Kitchen was rented in 1982 and covers an area of ​​about 4750 square feet. The land registrar’s information shows that the latest information on the shops was recently rented by Sham Tseng Yu Zai Ge with a monthly rent of $ 230,000, compared with Jimmy’s Kitchen. ‘sKitchen before the exit of 500,000 yuan rent reduction by 54% to the shop area of ​​4750 square feet, the foot lease about 48 yuan. According to the information, Jimmy’s Kitchen signed a lease before the financial tsunami in early 2008, with a monthly rent of $ 350,000. In other words, the rents paid by Sham Tseng-chiu were 34% lower than they were nine years ago.

Monthly rent than the financial tsunami low three percent

Data show that Jimmy’s Kitchen is one of the earliest western restaurants in Hong Kong, opened in 1928, the brand has been 89 years of history, is one of the last century celebrity canteen, the initial guests to the British-based, to the sixties and seventies , Bruce Lee, William Holden, Lady Kennedy, the king of the ball Billy has been attracted to the former chief executive of the father of Dong Jianhua, “ship king" Dong Haoyun family, but also in the Central store “Queen" table. Tsim Sha Tsui opened in 1969 in Hankow Road, moved to Ashley Road in 1982, and the current Central Wyndham Street shop was as early as 1975 in South China Building opened.

In fact, in recent years from time to time have the rich canteen end of the industry, such as the new fun shark fin restaurant in Central Stanley Street ground floor, to facilitate the last year in September, an area of ​​about 5890 square feet of the shop, to the end of last year to 49 million rental shop , Rent $ 83 yuan, the new music with the old lease of about 618,000 yuan about two percent. The shop opened in the shop only 3 years, but has attracted the city’s rich, gourmet and artists, including the spirit of the spirit and Fang Li Shen, also for the shop VIP customers. As for the boss after the screen for the Tang Ying-year-old Central Queen’s Road, won the Michelin star of the high-level Cantonese Restaurant Boss Hall, last year also concluded that there was the owner asked for rent.

Expected for the first branch of the city

In addition to the old price of the restaurant, in recent years, many “authentic" restaurants, have been closed, many with the old building acquisition, such as in Hung Hom for nearly 40 years to Hong Kong-style hamburgers famous new fast food restaurant last month suddenly closed , Although the shop is held by the owner of the family, but Heng (0012) in the area of ​​large-scale acquisition, the store where the Huangpu Street, No. 1A floor, also within the scope of the acquisition, and Huangpu Street, No. 1 to No. 21 More than the old building, in May this year was Hengde’s South crown Development Co., Ltd. applied for a strong shot, this time suddenly closed, I believe there is a certain relationship with the acquisition. As for the Vancouver Coffee Hall, which is also located in Hung Hom for more than 50 years, it will also be completed by the owner’s shop, where the ground floor will be completed.