New World first plan to 5 million yuan on the train

The Group plans to set aside about 15% of its small and medium-sized units (about 15) at Tuen Mun THEPARKVILLE, To subscribe to the first plan applicant. The company launched the first batch of 65 units, fold the average price of more than 13,000 yuan per foot.

It is reported that the first batch of 65 units will be reserved for 15 units later sold for college graduates to sell the first unit, including 422 feet (practical area) of the two-bedroom units and 575 feet of three-bedroom units, after deducting the relevant benefits Discount price from the most flat 588 million to the most expensive 832 million range, real price from 13,929 yuan to 14,471 yuan range.

According to the plan, the young first buyers to pay about 588,000 yuan will be able to get on the train, but also save 15 to 16 million stamp duty.

Can save 15 to 16 million stamp duty

A new world spokesman said that since there are still a lot of details in the first plan to ensure that qualified young people can benefit, it is expected that the details will be announced within two months for eligible persons to apply for sale within three months.

In addition, at the same time, in other suitable new real estate, some of the units allocated to the first home plan applicants.

In addition, the Tiansheng Building project has just announced the sale of the arrangement, the first 50 sets of arrangements for the public on Friday for sale.