Thousands of even the first time to send hair a hundred years anniversary of the issuance of five hundred million

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Bank of China (Hong Kong) service, BOCHK announced yesterday that it would launch a “HK $ 100 Hong Kong Centennial Monument" with a face value of HK $ 100, with a circulation of up to 5 million. Of which 30 with a total of 40,000 sets of each set of 13,888 yuan; commemorative notes will be accepted on Thursday (28) to apply for subscription.

The commemorative notes were issued for each set of 288 yuan a total of 2.9 million sets of single notes, each set of 988 yuan issued a total of 300,000 sets of three consecutive sheets, and each set of 13,888 yuan a total of 40,000 sets of thirty consecutive Zhang, the total 324 million units, and another 388 sets of charity collection version to the public auction.

To represent auspicious red as the main tone

Bank notes on behalf of the auspicious festive red color, positive printed with the Bank of China Building, and “floor building" approach against the early Bank of China Hong Kong branch building, and Beijing Bank of China head office building, to show the Bank of China in Hong Kong over A hundred years of service course. The back is printed with the Great Wall and different ancient buildings, and set inlaid with “commemorative" seal characters of the ancient gold coin pattern, supplemented by “Bank of China in Hong Kong service Bai Bai anniversary" words.

Circulation for the highest calendar year

There are five groups, one group without prefix, the other four groups are AA, BC (on behalf of Bank of China Bank of China), HK and HY (on behalf of Hundred Years, 100th anniversary).

Bank of Hong Kong, vice president of financial management, said Dai Xiaodong, banknote to commemorate the 100th anniversary, with special significance, so the circulation of the highest calendar year, so that the public have the opportunity to subscribe. Asked whether the circulation will affect the sales situation, he believes that the introduction of money will be welcomed by the public.

Income deduction cost donation charitable purposes

Applicants who subscribe to commemorative notes should be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid Hong Kong resident identity card. Each person subscribes to a maximum of 5 single notes, three consecutive sheets and thirty sheets. Interested applicants can subscribe to or apply to any one of the Bank’s branches online or from the application form online from Thursday to next 18 days. After deducting the cost of the whole plan, the donation will be donated to the local charity charitable purposes, banknote bidding later announced. BOC Hong Kong will inform the successful subscriber payment arrangements on 2 November. Applicants are required to pay the payment by 5:00 pm on 21 November and to the designated place and time from 20 to 31 December Collect money in person.

9 years 3 push commemorative notes

BOC Hong Kong has also launched commemorative banknotes in Hong Kong. In 2008, BOCHK launched the “Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Hong Kong Memorial Banknotes" with HK $ 20 denomination of HK $ 20. In 2012, there were also “Bank of China Centennial Anniversary Banknotes" with a nominal value of HK $ 100.