Many people in the cloud will fight for the “Guess the Clips" sale

Many people in the cloud will fight for the “Guess the Clips" sale

In recent months, the property market has been heating up, and the public has bought a haunted house. The second-hand building has a row of squads, and more new customers have to “guess the package". Shi Yongqing, the founder of the Central Plains Group, pointed out that the recent buyers’ rush to enter the market has been close to madness, and even described the new selling of the building to be guessed.

More than ten people entered the standard at the same price

In recent years, developers have been bidding for “selling addictions". In the past, only luxury properties were tendered. The higher prices were available, but developers saw the property market booming and sold large-scale tenders in order to earn full profits. Xindi (016) Tai Po Baishijiao Yunhui Phase 1 has been playing tenders since the previous year’s sale, and there is no price list. Last year, the first round of sales was numb, but since the end of February this year, a large number of rebates have been introduced. After 20% of the price in disguise, more than 200 people have been sold in less than a month. When it was re-launched on February 28, the most flat price was as low as RMB 11,500, attracting more than one hundred buyers to bid for the purchase. Because the developer has announced the intention price of each unit before entering the bid, the most flat unit is the most robbed, the bid price is easy to be the same, and finally evolved into a guessing package.

A director-level real estate agent revealed to reporters that the day when the package was sold and sold was February 28, when he was present. The sales office was located on the 11th floor of the International Trade Plaza in Kowloon Station. “I have a sale to guess." “, guess “win the guess." The agent recalled that he had a customer who was on the bus on the same day. He saw a utility area of ​​about 450 square meters and a low-rise two-bedroom household. Each price has reached about 13,500 yuan. The non-cheapest unit, the two rooms. At the same time, more than 10 buyers entered the bid, and the bids were the same. The developer arranged the agent to guess the package to determine who the unit was placed for. Fortunately, his colleague guessed the winner and successfully entered the bid for the customer. The transaction price was about 608. Ten thousand yuan.

The director also pointed out that in fact, it is not a new thing in his eyes to guess the sale of the package. “There are some cards, and there are ping-pong waves." He does not think that entering the house is a black box operation in other populations. “Everyone has a customer, the same bid, there must be a solution, the rice guesses the package, the fairness, the guess, or the same The market keeps up with the slogan, and the microphone is black boxed."

In the case of Yunhui, the company was accused of selling the building with the “Guessing and Cutting" bid. The newspaper inquired about the new general manager of the company, Lei Wei. He responded that the cloud will be sold by tender. Anyone who is interested in the subscription can submit the tender to the favorite unit. The process does not involve picking up the building.