The new weekend sells 712 people a year, the hottest

The new weekend sells 712 people a year, the hottest.

The purchasing power of the property market has exploded, and the new disk in the urban area has reappeared. New World (00017) developed Tokwawan The whole plate was swept away in a flash. The Yau Tong Estate (01243) led the development of the Yau Tong platform on the same day and also feared confrontation. The public sale of 99 gangs and the sale of 9 gangs, a single day of about 70% of the units; together with the rest of the force to sell the new stern In the past two days (23 to 24), the first-hand transaction rushed to about 712, and the weekly bomb was about 9.2 times, the most promising weekend after more than one year after March last year.

To Kwa Wan has sold a total of 294 hawks at an average price of 18,958 yuan in the past Saturday. The prospective purchasers have not dared to neglect the “funding of the building". Many of them have arrived in Tsuen Wan before 9 am. The sales office of Jingxincheng Shopping Mall reported that the scene was once outside the exhibition hall. The number of people attending the peak period was more than 500. The street workers’ legislator Liang Yaozhong also accompanied friends to pick up the building on the same day.

New World immediately pushes He Wentian project

According to market sources, the developers started to arrange for prospective buyers to pick up their flats at 9:30 on the past Saturday. The first 1.5 hours of the sale began to be more than 100 people. After that, the sales continued and the whole market was cleared at about 4:30 in the afternoon. 294 units, in addition to the rapid rate of nearly 1.8 billion yuan, is also the Group’s cooperation with Hengdi (00012) Yuen Long Shang Yue. In December 2017, after a total of 63 gangs in the “One Q", nearly one and a half years of another first day of sale, the sale of the building quickly cleared the whole new disk, but the number of sales and the amount of money was not as good as July 2015. On the first day of sale, the 350-member HS Cheung Sha Wan Hi-Clear was released, which was about 2.3 billion yuan in a single day.

Huang Haoxian, director of the New World Development Business and Marketing Department, said that the hot sale reflects the market’s success, with about 80% of buyers being young users and the remaining 20% ​​being investors. The group will soon launch a total of 240 groups of Ho Man Tin Waterloo Road Project.

The price of the platform increased by 7.8% and 33 households were pushed.

The project was 78 people in just two days, accounting for 72.2% of the 108 units. The developers hit the iron hot, and on Sunday, they took advantage of the situation to push 33 orders on the 3rd, and the average price was 19,112 yuan, which was 1722 yuan lower than the average price of the 2nd price list announced last Tuesday (19th). In less than one week, the price increase was about 7.8%, including 3 first-time 3-bedroom units with platform features; the entrance unit was 2 units, 7th floor, Room A, with a saleable area of ​​547 square meters, and the discounted price was 9.761 million yuan. 17,845 yuan.

Other new orders have been pushed to the same market, and Nanfeng Group’s LP6, Sunrise City, Tseung Kwan O, launched 479 groups on Saturday. Among them, 195 people picked up buildings on a first-come-first-served basis at 11:00 am, and another 284 people. On the same day, it was sold as a tender. The project had a total of 143 people on the weekend. Zhuangshi China (00298) also sold 49 groups in the chain for two days in the chain. In addition, there were 23 transactions in the two days of Henderson Landmark. Together with other new orders, the first-hand market recorded 712 transactions in the past two days. 70 cases surged about 9.2 times compared with the previous weekend. It was the most prosperous weekend in more than one year since it was recorded about 800 people from March 10 to 11 last year.

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the Midland Real Estate Department, said that the current property market has turned upwards; and the US Federal Reserve has suspended interest rate hikes, and it is expected that the volume of this month will exceed 2,500.

Chen Yongjie, vice president and head of the residential division of Centaline Property Asia, estimates that “after the market, the developers of Wang Fan (the price will be gradually added) will be gradually flattered."

He said that although there are many developers selling tenders in the form of tenders, including large, medium and small-sized homes, the main reason is that “the market is good, the developers are asking for the same price and reducing the negative impact." After the transfer, the situation will be “less likely".