The owners have closed the buyers into the new disk

The owners have closed the buyers into the new disk

First-hand market transactions are hot, buyers rush to enter the market, so that second-hand performance is good.

Liao Weiqiang, president of Lijiage Real Estate, pointed out that Xiaoyang Chunwang City was first launched by second-hand and spread to the primary market. At present, the owners are competing to enter the market, and the transaction is quite prosperous. However, second-hand owners have started to reverse the price and the supply has plummeted, causing some buyers to flow to one hand. market. Liao expects that if the positive push will absorb some of the purchasing power, the source will flow to the new market. However, when the first sale is carried out, it is believed that the source and purchasing power can be returned to the second-hand market, and the situation of smooth trading is expected to continue. In the past weekend (March 23 to 24), the Bank’s top ten index housing estates recorded 12 second-hand sales cases, down 29% on a weekly basis.

Property prices have a chance to rise

Li Zhicheng, the chief executive of Hong Kong Property Management, said that the United States is not expecting interest rate hikes as expected, and the positive factors are expected to drive demand for residential properties. I believe that the volume of transactions in March will outperform in February, while the prices of first-hand and second-hand trading will continue to heat up. There is an opportunity to rise. A total of 9 transactions were recorded in the top 10 blue-chip housing estates, which fell by 25% in a week. However, in the case of the new market, the performance was still satisfactory.

Among the top 10 housing estates in the Midland Real Estate, about 3 transactions were recorded in three indicator housing estates on Hong Kong Island. As for the four indicator housing estates in Kowloon, a total of 5 transactions were recorded. For the New Territories, three indicator estates, including Tsuen Wan Centre, Sha Tin Phase 1 and Kingswood Villas, recorded 5 transactions.

The top ten housing estates in Central Plains recorded 12 transactions at the weekend, a decrease of 4 or 25% compared with 16 transactions in the last weekend. Among them, 3 estates ended in zero, including Kornhill Garden, Whampoa Garden and Kingswood Villas.