Leading green debt funds to install solar panels 4 mall trials

Leading green debt funds to install solar panels 4 mall trials

Lianzhan (00823) issued a green convertible bond of 4 billion yuan at the beginning of this month. Huang Guoxiang, chief financial officer of Linkage, revealed that some funds will be used as solar energy panels for its properties. Initially, 29 properties are suitable for installation, and will be installed in the next year. Trial in 4 metropolitan shopping malls.

Huang Guoxiang said that the first phase will be piloted in four metropolitan shopping malls with large scale and large scale, including Lok Fu Plaza and Wong Tai Sin Centre. It will be completed in the next year and is still under study, including the selection of suitable solar panels. The battery and the calculation of the electricity that can be produced have not yet determined the final installation scale; if it runs smoothly after installation, it will install solar panels for its 29 properties in the next three years.

The green convertible bonds issued by the Link for the period of 4 billion yuan and 2024 are priced at a fixed annual interest rate of 1.6%. The conversion price is set at 109.39 yuan per unit. The delivery date is April 3, which is a global real estate. The first instance of green convertible bonds issued by Hong Kong listed companies.

Huang Guoxiang continued, considering the convertible characteristics and the conversion price premium, the fixed annual interest rate is set at 1.6%, which is equivalent to half of the daily bond yield of the Link.

No financing needs yet

He mentioned that there are a total of 25 investors, mainly from Asia and Europe, accounting for about half of the total, most of them are traditional funds. Since this issue is a convertible bond, most investors are the first time. Exposure to the exhibition; although most investors are more likely to have more convertible characteristics than green debt, more than half of them are green investors, and to a certain extent reflect demand.

Regarding whether there will be more green debts in the future, he pointed out that after the fund raising, there will be no financing needs unless there is an acquisition. However, as financial financing is becoming more and more green, I believe that the exhibition will move towards green finance in the future.