Shau ​​Kei Island, Tsuen Wan, rent return of only 2.3%

Shau ​​Kei Island, Tsuen Wan, rent return of only 2.3%

There is a lot of supply for the new entrants. There is also a bargaining space for the tenancy. The new building in Tsuen Wan has been booked for about $40. The rental return is about 2.3%.

Yuan Kaiyan, consultant of the residential property department of, said that the high-rise room C of the 2nd floor of Xiangdao Island, Tsuen Wan, has a usable area of ​​980 square feet, which is a 3 bedroom (even suite) interval. It was just rented out for 38,000 yuan, and the rent was only 38.8 yuan. . The three high-rise households in the housing estate have the same unit area. The rent at the beginning of this month was 48,000 yuan. By comparison, the rent of the two units was about 10,000 yuan, a decrease of 21%.

It is understood that the original owner bought the unit last year for 20.14 million yuan, and the rental return of the rented unit was less than 2.3%.

In addition, Zhu Yongjian, Senior Co-Director of Hong Kong Property Hong Kong Island Lei King Wan Branch, said that the low-rise Room C, Block 1B, Tsuen Wan, has a space of 2 bedrooms and a south-facing landscape. The saleable area is about 489 square feet.

Shaped 2 rooms monthly rent 21,000 yuan price reduction 4 thousand

Zhu Yongjian pointed out that the owner was asked by the local customer for about 2 months after the release of about 25,000 yuan.

After negotiating the two sides, the rent was reduced by 4,000 yuan, and the final price was 21,000 yuan. The practical rent was about 42.9 yuan.

It is learnt that the new tenants are single persons, the new clusters of the favorite units and the Wang Ching Jing Garden View, plus the estate near the MTR station, it is decided to rent after 1 time. According to the information, the owner purchased the above units in October 2016 for about 11.19 million yuan with a rental return rate of 2.3%.