Auction 16 properties have not recovered

Auction 16 properties have not recovered

Central Asia property auction house launched 16 property auctions on Tuesday (May 28th), but all of them have not yet received the price and need to be recovered.

Agricultural land ownership project is difficult to attract buyers

The launch of the property includes the VIP station of the Olympic Station Victoria Harbour, with a asking price of 29 million yuan, and the property of the property of Saitama Songtaoyuan, with a price of 22 million yuan.

Zeng Jiejun, the managing director of the bank, explained that many of the auctioned properties were agricultural land and some property projects. Buyers were not interested in such properties, so no transactions were recorded.

In addition, the loyalty auction house will hold an auction today (May 29) to launch 13 properties, including the Tai Po Hong Paradise Silver Main Board, Sha Tin Guang Yuan Cun Estate, and the accident unit.

13 property this auction

Among them, Room C, Middle Floor, West Baide Haoting, Taizi Road, Ma Tau Wai, has a usable area of 568 square feet, with a price of 7.88 million yuan and a price of 13,873 yuan. The auction house pointed out that the unit belongs to the accident unit, and last year, a unit of the same area, the transaction price was 10.8 million yuan, that is, the opening price was closer to the market price, and the level was close to 30%.