The first batch of 110 units of Yan Bi is only 17 people. “Female car god" Li Huishi 8.95 million to buy two-bedroom households

The property market has quietly dragged down the new sales situation, following the China National Metallurgical (01618), China Metallurgical Real Estate Hong Kong’s Sham Tseng. After Longwan, another domestic developer, Country Garden (02007), led the development of Ma On Shan, and sold a total of 110 people in the tender. Only 17 of them were sold all day, and the sales were 15.5%. However, Li Huishi, a famous Hong Kong bicycle driver who is known as the “female cow car god", spent 8.955 million yuan to purchase the high-rise 2 bedroom units of the project to add star flavor to the real estate. According to industry analysis, the property market has been declining. The buyer believes that “the late purchase will be flat", and the unit silver code of the company is large, which affects the sales.

Two featured units sold for every 19,000

Recently, the number of units sold in the first round of a number of new discs has dropped sharply. Country Garden yesterday sold a total of 110 groups in Ma On Shan, and first sold 10 featured households in the form of tenders. The market reported that two groups were sold for two. Underground B and E rooms with gardens, of which room B has a practical area of ​​442 square meters, even 440 square gardens, sold for 8.398 million yuan, the price of 19,000 yuan; the practical area of ​​506 square meters of E room, even 424 square meters The garden, the cost is 9.614 million yuan, and the price is the same as 19,000 yuan.

However, the above-mentioned price is about 11.6% to 26.1% lower than the price of the same type of unit in the adjacent land (00016) Yunhai, which ranges from 21,500 to 2,570 yuan.

The remaining 100 gangs of the  were released for sale last night. The developers first proceeded to the A group of large-scale group picking procedures. No buyers were present. Then, Group B bought only one group, only 18 buyers were registered. In the end, a total of 15 people were sold. Among them, Li Huishi invested 89.55 million yuan to purchase 5 high-rise 2-bedroom households with a practical area of ​​526 square meters and a price of 17,000 yuan.

In the whole day, Yan Bi took out a total of 17 gangs, and the sales only accounted for about 15.5% of the 110 gangs sold yesterday. Longwan sold 50 people in the first round on the 17th of this month and only sold 6 of them. It was slightly better, but with the first round of the first month of Hengdi (00012), the first round of the sale of Yuen Long. The sale of 49.3% units on the day of the ridge is very different, showing that the new sales situation has turned weak with the market conditions. Located at No. 11 Yaosha Road, Qibi offers 547 pairs of 271 to 5289 square meters and is occupied at the end of January 2021. In addition, the adjacent Changshi (01113) Xinghaihai added a value of 290,000 yuan for home design concessions yesterday, but only the first five buyers.

Chen Yongjie, vice chairman of Zhongyuan Real Estate Asia Pacific, said that the property market has already fallen. Buyers believe that “late buying is more flat" and did not dare to enter the market rashly. The silver code involved in the unit is also large, which also affects sales. Mainly 1 to 2 households, relatively cheap units, 3 rooms are lack of interest.

The sales of small and medium-sized real estates have been frustrated, and the more they sell, the more they sell. TWELVE PEAKS, the super-house project of No. 12 Jialaishan Road, Xindi Peak, sold the No. 10 house for 458 million yuan yesterday, with a saleable area of ​​3,744 square feet and a price of 122,329 yuan. The same department of He Wentian Tianzhu Phase 1 has 8 The number of bidders has totaled more than 362 million yuan.

KADOORIA, a luxury mansion project of Ho Man Tin, which was developed by CITIC Pacific’s CITIC Pacific Real Estate, was also linked to three groups yesterday, with more than 241 million yuan in a single day.