TWELVE PEAKS Bungalow priced at 120,000 baht

A number of new discs under the market were launched in the form of tenders. The top TWELVE PEAKS re-opened a bungalow with a price of about 120,000 yuan. The project has successively exported 5 bungalows in the past 5 months. .

Area 3744呎 Price 458 million

Xindi (00016) continued to sell new homes in the existing building. TWELVE PEAKS pulled out another house yesterday, which is the No. 10 house. The practical area of ​​the house is 3,744 square feet. The garden and rooftop area are 1,859 and 719 square feet respectively. 458 million yuan, the effective area of ​​the price of 122,329 yuan. The house was announced in 2014, when it was priced at 418.4 million yuan and the price was 112,000 yuan.

He Wentian Tianzhu sold 8 people a day

The project has a total of 12 bungalows, which have been on sale since 2014. So far, 9 buildings have been sold, totaling 4.6 billion yuan, of which 5 were recorded in the past 5 months.

As for the new land, Ho Man Tin Tin Ching, the recent sales situation is also very prosperous. On the same day, another 8 tiered units were sold and the cash was over $360 million.

All the units sold are located in Block 8, the highest transaction price and the highest price is Room D on the 19th floor. The unit has a usable area of ​​1,576 square feet, with a transaction price of RMB 68.287 million and a practical price of RMB 43,329. The transaction price of the remaining units ranged from $26.573 million to $55.17 million. The actual price of the transaction was from $27,000 to $34,592.

KADOORIA, a subsidiary of CITIC Pacific, also sold 3 units in a single day. There are a group of 2 customers who have purchased a total of about 160 million yuan, including the underground unit No. 117, with an area of ​​1,798 square feet, and another 756 square foot garden, with a transaction price of 81.63 million yuan and a price of 45,000 yuan. No. underground unit, with an area of ​​1,782 square feet, with a price of 79.698 million yuan and a price of 44,000 yuan.