Home ownership will push 6528 people next year.

According to the news, the government plans to launch a new batch of 5 HOS housing estates in April next year, with a total of 6528 people. The number of units has been the highest since the resale of HOS flats in 2014. The Shan Li Court in Queens Hill, Fanling is the largest in the area. It is located at Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan, Sheung Wan Estate, Sheung Wan Estate, Sheung Wan Estate, Sheung Wan Estate, Sheung Wan Estate.

Yin Zhaojian, a member of the Legislative Council of the Democratic Party, believes that about half of the flats provided by the HOS flats are from the same housing estate (Shan Lai Court). They will be completed only two years later. They are worried that they will only be “face-to-face" and reiterate that green should be adjusted. The white meter quota is half of the current white and green watches, which are adjusted to 60% and 40% respectively.