Three-story silver main stream of Huaxin Exhibition Plaza

The commercial building turned down. The Chinese-funded Shanghai Huaxin Group, which was the main office of the office building of the Wanchai Convention and Exhibition Plaza, was the main bank. The company was commissioned by Jones Lang LaSalle yesterday. The total price was 1.44 billion yuan, but all units flow. Shoot the end. Liao Weilin, the chairman of the Group, who was the one who was bidding on the market, said that the property was “flat" and the transaction period was short, so it was deterred.

The properties auctioned yesterday included the 21st, 22nd and 23rd floors of the Convention and Exhibition Plaza office building. The floor area of ​​each floor was about 16518 square meters. The opening price was 478 million, 480 million and 482 million yuan respectively, and the price was 28938 to 29180 yuan. A total of 60 prospective buyers and estate agents attended the auction, including Liao Weilin’s personal presence. Dahonghui Xingye, who has always had experience in investing in commercial buildings, also attended.

Liao Weilin expects the price of the Central Center

On the 21st floor of the first floor auction, the person holding the No. 3 card contracted the price of 478 million yuan, and then the first price was 52 million yuan, and the price was 50 million yuan per mouth. However, after the price was opened, no one took the price and was recovered. The 22nd floor was The Zhengba Group, which holds the 18th card, has a contract price of 480 million yuan, and then each price has increased by 50 million yuan. Finally, the auction on the 23rd floor with the highest bid price, because the unmanned price was 482 million yuan, was more quickly recovered, and the entire auction lasted only 15 minutes.

Liao Weilin said that the price of the property is high, and the price per share is 50 million yuan. The transaction period is only one month, so the bid is prudent. He estimated that the market value of the three-story unit of the Exhibition Plaza should be similar to the transaction price of the whole floor of the 19th floor of the Central Center, No. 99, Queen’s Road Central, Central.

He said that office rents are still strong at present, and the Group will continue to invest in industrial and commercial properties. If there is a low market price of one to 20% of the property or the main bank, it will actively purchase.

In addition, according to Jones Lang LaSalle’s latest “Hong Kong Property Market Watch" report, overall Grade A office market rents rose by 0.5% in October, compared with the 1% monthly growth recorded in September, the uptrend has seen a slowdown. . The rental demand for office buildings in Central has slowed down, and the area of ​​rent-removal and promotion has expanded to 337,100 square meters, mainly because many companies have decided to move out of the core business district. However, banks and financial services institutions are still active in the leasing market. China Merchants Bank will relocate to Central Exchange Square Phase 3, renting 5 floors of units originally leased by Hainan Airlines, with a total floor area of ​​approximately 59,400 square feet.