More than six adults in Kai Tak two estates

Chen Kaixin, a former political assistant of the Food and Health Bureau, who reported no party and later admitted to the representative organization, won about 106,000 votes on Sunday and was elected as a member of the Kowloon West Legislative Assembly. The analysis of the polling station showed that Chen Kai-hing performed extremely well in Kai Tak Estate and Tak Lam Estate, two new public housing estates in Kai Tak, with 62% and 64% respectively. The Labour Party’s Li Zhuoren, who represented the Democratic Party, performed better in middle-class housing estates such as Mei Foo and Whampoa.

In the March by-election, Yao Songyan, who represented the Pan-People, performed poorly in Kaiqing Village and Delang Village. He only obtained 33.8% of the votes at the two polling stations. He was criticized for his electoral strategy mistakes. In this by-election, Mr Lee was promoted by traditional means such as “washing the building" and distributing leaflets. However, he only got 54 votes and 61 votes respectively at the two polling stations. The votes were not up and down, only 33.3% and 31%. The worst performing ticket station.

Li Zhuoren was caught in the deep water

Li Zhuoren was “snacked" by many people’s associations in Sham Shui Po District, especially the “old nest" of former member Frederick. Among them, Feng Geji, who served as a district board member for many years, Feng Jingji had a vote rate of 16.6% and Li Zhuoran only had 37%; Nanshan, Dakdong and Dakeng West Village, Feng Qiaoji got 12.6%, Li Zhuoran got 39.3% . In Sham Shui Po Village, Sham Shui Kei received 13.4% of the votes, Li Zhuoren 28.6% and Chen Kaixin received 56.2% of the votes.

Li Zhuoren has improved in the middle-class constituencies such as Mobil and Huangpu. The two estates each have three polling stations. He obtained 50.9%, 50.2% and 50% respectively in Mei Foo and 52.1%, 51.2% and 48.9% respectively in Whampoa. The two estates paid him a total of 10,651 votes.

Take a look at Chen Kaixin’s top 10 ticket warehouses, 9 of which are the same as the DAB’s Zheng Yongzheng’s by-election in March this year (only the Tokwawan Stadium ticketing station was “delisted" due to re-demarcation). The newly added ticket warehouse is Delang Village. As for Li Zhuoren’s 10 big ticket positions, it is similar to Yao Songyan’s ticket position, but the number of votes received has dropped significantly.

Cai Ziqiang, a senior lecturer in the Department of Politics and Administration at the University of Hong Kong, said that before Zheng Yongxuan was elected as a member of the Legislative Council, he worked in the district for many years. However, Chen Kaixin was able to achieve similar results in only two or three months, indicating that the election system of the founding party was running well. The founding party has won votes in the past three elections in Kowloon West, with 102,000 votes, 107,000 votes and 106,000 votes. Cai Ziqiang believes that “the voting rate for the general election will rise, and the votes for the establishment will rise."